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Soccer Workout: Exercise Like the Pros

This time of year, soccer is capturing the globe’s attention. Are you one of the many who’s finding yourself captivated and impressed by the agility, speed, and endurance of the world’s best soccer players – not to mention those ripped […] 

5 Tips for Finding the Right Gym

Whether you’re looking for the first time or are interested in switching to a new gym, knowing what characteristics and features to look for can be a tricky ordeal. You’re in the market for one that suits your fitness abilities, […] 

Why the Precor EFX® Is Your Best Cross Trainer Choice

Introduced in 1995, Precor revealed the very first Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer™, also known as the EFX, to the world. Having become a worldwide favourite for people of many different fitness levels, the Precor EFX has a solid reputation of […] 

Preva®: The On-Console Software Solution for Operators

For operators who want to increase revenue and are also trying to better connect with exercisers, you owe it yourself to learn more about Preva®. Check out the infographic below and read more to find out why Preva is the […] 

Why You Shouldn’t Believe These 5 Fitness Myths

It’s easy to get caught up in all the different supposed fitness tips and tricks you hear every day. Some can be helpful; some can be downright wrong. You may have heard the following myths below, but here are the […] 

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