FILEX & the Australian Fitness & Health Expo 2016 is just around the corner (Friday 29th April to Sunday 1st May), at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, welcoming thousands of fitness professionals and enthusiasts from around Australia. We at Precor could not be more excited!

This year marks our biggest FILEX & Fitness & Health Expo appearance in history – in more than one way. Our booth will be the largest we’ve ever had, but even more impressive than our booth size is the quality and robust offering of Precor products at this year’s show. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect to experience when you visit Precor at Stand V12, featuring:

  • Queenax™ Functional Training
  • Spinning® Indoor Cycling
  • Networked Fitness
  • Discovery™ Series Strength

Watch our Recap of the 2015 Fitness & Health Expo




Queenax™ Functional Training

Join in on the hottest craze that’s taking over the fitness world!

Highly adaptable and engaging, Queenax functional training and suspension systems allow operators to optimise group training space while appealing to a variety of exercisers at many different fitness levels and abilities. It’s easy to attach, remove, and reconfigure training accessories, enabling the Queenax system to convert from circuit training to group exercise in no time.

At the Fitness & Health Expo, we’ll be showcasing the Queenax Format. With demonstrations happening every 30 minutes, you’ll be able to experience the fun, unique, customisable Queenax for yourself, and envision how it will fit into your gym. Find out more about Queenax.




Spinning® Indoor Cycling

Last year, Precor and Spinning® partnered to develop three incredible Spinner® bikes that are sure to please indoor cycling enthusiasts new and old. The smooth feel and advanced design of these bikes create an opportunity for your gym’s members to become part of the tightknit, exhilarating Spinning® community.

We’ll be debuting all three new models: the Spinner® Ride™, Spinner® Shift™, and Spinner® Rally™. Explore each bike to find out which one will best suit your facility, learn about the educational resources that are available, and discover how Spinning® can help your facility generate revenue.
Don’t miss out on the special chance to catch a Spinning® class led by certified Spinning® Instructors.

Spinner Bikes by Precor



Networked Fitness

Seeing as Precor is the established leader, you’re probably wondering what’s next in the world of Networked Fitness. Well, we’ve got something new and exciting in store for you. At FILEX & the Australian Fitness & Health Expo 2016, we’re unveiling a whole new twist to networked fitness and a lightning-fast console to support it, the P82. We’ll also be sharing some great news for our existing networked fitness customers. Find out about the next generation of Precor networked fitness by visiting our booth #V12 and experiencing the impact it will have on our Experience™ Series 880 Line of cardio.


Discovery™ Series Strength

Meet the latest additions to the Discovery™ Series Plate Loaded Line: the Angled Leg Press, Hack Squat, and Squat Machine. You’ll also be able to check out the new Discovery™ Series Benches and Racks Line, featuring our remarkable new Power Rack. With all of the recent introductions to our strength lines, we now offer a complete solution for gyms’ strength needs.

Experience ‘What’s New from Precor’ & WIN $1,000 worth of Amer Sports premium product from Wilson, Salomon, Arc’teryx & Suunto

We’ve got so many opportunities for you to experience “What’s New from Precor”, and we want to make sure you get the chance to give the Queenax™ functional training and Spinning® Indoor Cycles a try. Be sure to join in our programmes at the Fitness & Health Expo at the Precor Commercial Stand #V12 to WIN a new Amer Sports wardrobe to the value of $1,000 by entering your business card into the draw and receive a complimentary Queenax™ t-shirt for participating!