Occasionally, I get a shock when I touch the handlebar of my Precor® treadmill. Is there anything that I can do about it?

"The treadmill belt sliding over the deck surface can, in certain environments, generate a potential of static electricity. In general, this static potential is discharged through the treadmill’s frame grounding. However, in particularly cold, dry environments, residual static potential may remain. This behavior is most evident in the winter, particularly in colder areas. The most effective solution is to raise the relative humidity in the area of the treadmill with a humidifier.
If you continue to experience static shocks, it’s possible that the belt is being insulated from the frame. In cases of continued static shock, Precor recommends that you call the Precor Authorized Dealer that you purchased the treadmill from to have a Precor Authorized Service Technician examine your treadmill, or call Precor Technical Support at 1-800-665-4404. "