Strength System

If you are looking for a compact Strength System that you can customise, the S3.15 is for you. With optimised biomechanics, freedom chest press technology, upper- and lower-body exercises and additional options for leg press, multi-hip and a heavier weight stack, the S3.15 will meet your needs.

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The S3.15 Strength System provides upper- and lower-body exercises for a total strength programme. Perform more than 25 types of lifts, rows, presses and curls at up to three very compact stations – pressing/pulling/leg extension and the optional leg press and multi-hip stations.

Equipment Features

Accessories Included Ergonomic lat bar, 18"" chromed straight bar, ankle strap, ab/tri strap and detailed exercise wall charts.
Biomechanics Inward motion improves chest and shoulder mobility, while automatically producing 25% more resistance through an increased range of motion.
User-defined Motion Multi-directional press arm allows you to perform unique pressing exercises and pec fly movements with the path of motion that you determine.
Versatile Design Design allows the optional leg press and multi-hip stations to be attached to either side, optimising your floor space.
Motion Benefits Pectoral fly motion improves on the dumbbell fly with consistent resistance through the entire movement. The straightforward press motion simulates the standard chest press for overall pectoral development. Tricep press is performed by gripping the vertical handles together in front of your chest and maintaining a closed grip through the movement.

Upper Body

Upper-Body Stations Pressing/Pulling Station
Pressing/Pulling Station Increase upper-body strength in arms and shoulders with shoulder press exercises and Chest-Supported Seated Row unique pressing exercises. Using the Multi-directional Press Arm, access 13 positions and perform lat pull-downs with the pulling equipment. This station is combined with Leg Extension on the S3.15.

Lower Body

Lower-Body Stations Leg Extension, Optional Leg Press, Optional Multi-hip/Glute
Leg Extension Station Perform seated extensions to work quads, hamstrings, glutes and more. This station is combined with pressing/pulling station.
Optional Leg Press Station Perform leg presses to work your legs and calves. Floating foot plate offers a natural, smooth motion.
Optional Multi-hip/Glute Station Allows four different gluteal, hip and thigh exercises, exclusive to the S3.15.

Back and Core

Back and Core Stations Not a separate station.

Equipment Specifications

Frame Electrostatic powder-coated steel for durability and appearance.
Instructional Charts Wall Poster Chart
Instructional Chart(s) Language English
Colour Stone Grey with dark grey accents and Black upholstery
Upholstery Vinyl over contoured foam for comfort.
Guide Rods 25.4-mm (1-inch)-diameter chromed steel, free-floating guide rods with sound-absorbing rubber ends to eliminate metal-on-metal contact for quiet operation.
Pulleys and Cables Nylon/fibreglass pulleys. 3-mm (1/8-inch) military-spec cable with nylon sheath for minimal wear and more flexibility. Swivelling cable ends are tested to 909 kg (2,000 lbs) tensile strength.
Transport Wheels No
Bearings High-quality ABEC-rated ball bearings (Annular Bearing Engineers Committee).

Weight Stack(s)

Weight Stack(s) (1) weight stack. Can be enclosed with optional covers
Starting Resistance (kg/lbs) 4.5 kg/10 lbs
Standard Weight Stack (kg/lbs) 68 kg/150 lbs
Heavier Stack Option Yes
Top Plate Cast-iron top plate.

Equipment Dimensions & Weight

Equipment Space Requirements (cm/inches) 36 in w x 72 in d x 83 in h
72 in w x 72 in d x 83 in h with leg press
72 in w x 72 in d x 83 in h with multi-hip
108 in w x 72 in d x 83 in h with leg press and multi-hip /
91 cm w x 183 cm d x 211 cm h
183 cm w x 183 cm d x 211 cm h with leg press
183 cm w x 183 cm d x 211 cm h with multi-hip
274 cm w x 183 cm d x 211 cm h with leg press and multi-hip
Machine Weight (base equipment) (kg/lbs) 172 kg (379 lbs), including weight stacks, not including options

Delivery Dimensions & Weight

Shipping Weight (base equipment) (kg/lbs) 307 kg/678 lbs
Delivery Configuration (for non-installed purchases Base unit delivered in one box. Additional boxes each for all options. Assembly required.

Owner's Manual Language

Language Printed in English. Available on Precor.com in English.

Manufacturer reserves the right to change or alter specifications at any time. Precor protects its product by vigorously enforcing its patent, trademark, copyright and other applicable intellectual property rights in the USA and in other countries. Precor is a registered trademark of Precor Incorporated.

S3.15 Strength System


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