Smith Machine


The bold, sleek design of the Discovery Smith Machine features high head clearance and a clean, walk-through design. The ergonomically optimised 11-degree angle and innovative Smith Bar design produce a smooth, natural feel and an exceptional user experience.

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Uniquely engineered Smith Bar provides a light starting weight combined with a large weight capacity and an exceptionally smooth, natural feel, all while reducing high-wear components

Equipment Features

Instructional placard Squat & Bench Press
Adjustments 16 bar hooks @ 102 mm (4") increments
Standard Features ● Adjustable safety stops are easily accessed from the user position
● Standard six (6) weight plate storage horns
● Standard foot pads and heavy-duty leveller device copes with uneven floor surfaces
Rubber Feet Yes

Equipment Specifications

Starting Weight 11.3 kg (25 lb)
Max Load Weight 5 x 25 kg (6 x 45 lb) Olympic weight plates per side
Weight Storage Pins Six storage horns, each 25 cm (10") long (three per side)
Grip Diameter 35 mm (1.375")
Standard Frame Colours Gloss Metallic Silver
Metallic Ash
Desert Bronze
Black Magic Gloss
Gloss White

Equipment Dimensions & Weight

Length (cm/inches) 56 in / 142 cm
Width (cm/inches) 84 in / 214 cm
Height (cm/inches) 90 in / 229 cm
Machine Weight (base equipment) (kg/lbs) 395 lbs / 179 kg

Delivery Dimensions & Weight

Length (cm/inches) 56 in / 142 cm
Width (cm/inches) 84 in / 214 cm
Height (cm/inches) 90 in / 229 cm
Delivery Weight (kg/lbs) 395 lbs / 179 kg

Manufacturer reserves the right to change or alter specifications at any time. Precor protects its product by vigorously enforcing its patent, trademark, copyright and other applicable intellectual property rights in the USA and in other countries. Precor is a registered trademark of Precor Incorporated.

Smith Machine 802