EFX 5.23 Cross-trainer

EFX® 5.23 Cross-trainer

The EFX 5.23 delivers a total body workout with moving handlebars, providing a smooth, natural feel that helps you stay on longer and get results. And with its smaller size, manually adjustable CrossRamp® and the right amount of workouts, the 5.23 is convenience defined.

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Awesome Elliptical

Reviewer: Bruce Schindell

Posted: 07/10/2012

We have had our Precor elliptical for about a month and it has been a great piece of equipment. It is unbelievably quiet. we love it and would highly reccomend it. Of all the eliptical's we looked at this was by far the quietest.

Great elliptical machine

Reviewer: Vera

Posted: 18/06/2012

There is nothing like Precor...you can tell the difference and the workouts are very challenging. Highly recommend this machine, service was exceptional. They come set it up for you and are very professional.

Very good

Reviewer: Raymond

Posted: 15/11/2011

Good product. Use regularly, easy to get on and start working out.

Love it

Reviewer: Wanda

Posted: 02/11/2011

I received this as a birthday present and have used it regularly since. Its so easy to jump on and knock out 20-30 minutes at any point throughout the day. I was a little worried about a non-gym-level elliptical as we had a hand-me-down in the past and it broke within a few months. This one feels substantial and has a very smooth operation. Feels gym-quality.


Reviewer: Jay

Posted: 01/11/2011

The machine is just ok. It screaks rather loudly and even though I turn the intensity up to the highest level I can't get the kind of work out that I want. I have not had any problems with it and use it everyday, I am just not satisfied with the kind of work I can do on the machine, I can't get my heart rate up to where I want it.

Love it!

Reviewer: Get in shape

Posted: 01/11/2011

Actually enjoy working out! Elliptical is super easy to use and allows me to do various workouts with their pre-planned programs. Highly recommend it for someone who is just starting a work out routine looking to get in shape!

Great product/No complaints or regrets

Reviewer: husband and wife

Posted: 31/10/2011

My wife and I have had a EFX 5.23 for almost two years. We use it often and have had no problems. We are very happy with the purchase. It is well-made and durable. It is easy to use and provides a good work out via its different programs and settings. It works well for people of varied height (i.e., from 5-3 to 6-3) and weight (i.e., 100 to 200 lbs). You can get a good workout, especially if you press yourself, but you won't have sore joints as you can get from running.


Reviewer: PC

Posted: 15/05/2011

I know I am not going to ache after my work out like I do after running. My only complaint is that I feel the dimensions fit a male physique not a 5'6 woman.

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