Elliptical Motion and CrossRamp Technology

Natural motion, enhanced. Engineered to move the way you move.

Combining elliptical motion and CrossRamp® technology solves two problems with indoor aerobic workouts - high-impact exercise that stresses joints and equipment that works too few muscle groups. Most cardio equipment does not provide a true cross-training benefit - aerobic conditioning that simultaneously strengthens, or cross-trains, different muscles.

In 1995, Precor unveiled the first elliptical trainer, the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™ (EFX®). It reduced impact by replicating the natural elliptical motion path of the foot during walking and running and worked a variety of lower-body muscles using CrossRamp technology.

How this science works naturally with the human body.

When running, the human foot follows an elliptical path. Precor Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainers match this elliptical shape with a patented mechanism that weds a rear flywheel with a forward foot pedal, creating a smooth, elliptical movement that mimics a natural running motion.

The patented Precor motion keeps your heels in contact with the pedals, reducing muscle and tendon stress. And because the EFX is low impact, helping you move fluidly, you’ll have lower Relative Perceived Exertion (RPE). That means your workout is so smooth that you don’t feel like you’re working as hard as you are.

CrossRamp technology is what makes a Precor EFX a true Crosstrainer. The adjustable CrossRamp on all Crosstrainers, whether automatic or manual, alters the height of the elliptical path that your foot travels. Called Variable Stride Geometry™, this allows you to alter your workout to emphasize the various major lower body muscles.

By varying your workouts, you’ll also stay more engaged and motivated, making it that much easier to get back on your EFX with energy and enjoyment.


1. Designed to reduce impact on joints

Taking the impact out of jogging requires knowledge about how feet move when running. Precor engineers traced the motion of a running foot and identified an elliptical path. They then created a machine that matched the elliptical motion by combining a circular flywheel with a pedal that moves along an adjustable diagonal ramp.


2. Emulates changing workout conditions

To further enhance an already ground-breaking design, Precor added a cross-training benefit with patented CrossRamp technology. You could now adjust the CrossRamp angle, which alters the elliptical path to emulate different workout courses, such as hiking or cross-country skiing. In addition to building lower-body strength, the CrossRamp feature keeps workout routines fresh and energizing so you can reach new exercise levels and fully achieve your fitness goals.


3. Engineered to work with all body types

Once that natural motion of running was successfully replicated, Precor tested the invention on people of different heights. By adjusting the distance between the flywheel and the pedals, we refined the equipment to allow any sized person to achieve results on the same machine.


4. Promotes workout ease and comfort

Relative Perceived Exertion (RPE) is the difference between how hard your brain says you’re working and how hard your heart actually works. If you’re jogging, the perceived level of exertion drops when impact to your ankle, knee and other affected joints is reduced. Our patented elliptical technology absorbs much of the impact of each foot strike. So you experience a more comfortable workout that keeps you motivated and moving toward your fitness goals.