Technology: The Changing Face of Fitness and Facility Management

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Technology is changing the way we view fitness and health experiences. The ability to track one’s physical activity both in and out of the gym is helping empower people to make better informed decisions about their fitness goals.

Technology can also help facilities. The ability to gain insights into machine usage and minimizing equipment downtime plays a crucial role in developing better experiences for users and facility management alike. Understanding the demands of users helps with both future facility management and design.

How does technology bridge this gap? At this year’s NIRSA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, NV, our own Guy Williams will be presenting an education information session geared towards learning the current technological trends impacting collegiate recreation programs, facility management, and design. Additional items to be covered during this session:

  • Establishing a framework for evaluating new technological tools and how to determine what to adopt and when.
  • Understanding how to add technology to an existing infrastructure or evaluate it for inclusion in a new facility design.

Details for this educational session:

2013 NIRSA Conference & Expo
Technology: The Changing Face of Fitness and Facility Management
Presented by:
Guy Williams, Precor
Time: 10:30AM – 11:30AM
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Planet Hollywood, Celebrity Ballroom 8

Join the conversation.
We’ll be live tweeting during the presentation using the following hashtags:
#Preva, #NetworkedFitness, #MyFitnessAnthem



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