Trends Driving the Low Cost Gym Segment

Trends Driving the Low Cost Gym Segment
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The low cost gym segment isn’t a new one – it’s been around for decades.  Nevertheless, it’s important to understand the appeal it has to consumers.

There are at least six underlying factors that have driven the growth of this segment.

  • Simplicity
  • Affordability
  • Changing consumer
  • Consumer sentiment toward legacy clubs
  • Sporadic attendance to legacy clubs
  • Digital infrastructure

Let’s look at the changing consumer for a moment.  They are becoming less obsessed with buying brands merely as a means to demonstrate social status.  Many now prefer to discuss their bargains found in the local low-cost store, broadcasting it on Twitter and Facebook.  It’s a badge of honor to pay less; it demonstrates wisdom.

However, consumers won’t broadcast their bargains if they don’t think they received value in return.  An inferior product does not lead to long-term success – a lesson learned by gyms in all segments.  Not surprisingly, the low cost gym segment knows that high-quality fitness equipment is central to that success.

They’re motto could be:  “Do less, but do it well.”

To learn more about how low cost gyms are appealing to consumers attitudes, click here to read a recent report on this growing segment.



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