How to Buy an Elliptical

How to Buy an Elliptical
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Ellipticals provide a low impact way to work out, meaning everyone from beginners to Olympic athletes can benefit from owning one. But with so many models on the market, there are a variety of factors to consider before making a purchase.

Do Your Research

Start the shopping process by doing some research and checking out the ratings of each piece of equipment. One handy option is to read reviews from real customers to ensure choosing a proven brand. An elliptical should come from a company with a good reputation for providing quality commercial and consumer products. Moreover, if buying on the internet, make sure to use a reputable site to avoid scams.

What Are the Exerciser’s Needs?

A person should always know what their needs are before purchasing an elliptical. For example, consider how many people in a family might plan on using it. In addition, think about the size of the elliptical and layout options in the home. Even though they look different, both front and rear drive elliptical machines take up the same amount of floor space. Thinking about the piece of equipment’s size and weight limit can help narrow down a list of choices.

Test Each Elliptical

With a list of choices narrowed down, try testing ellipticals to see how they feel by visiting a retail store. Compare how each machine feels in terms of motion, sound and comfort. The elliptical should follow a natural motion and have no hiccups. If there is hiccup, a person’s balance and joints can be affected negatively. A person’s heels should also stay on the pedals naturally.

Testing the machines can also help you determine if the manufacturers made them with quality in mind. An elliptical should operate quietly, and it would be best to choose a different model if there is any friction, squeaks or rubbing. Furthermore, there should be no kick or bounce in a person’s motion when using the elliptical.

Check Out the Features

It is best to avoid purchasing an overly complicated piece of equipment. With that said, checking out the features of each elliptical is still important. Some have features like a quick start button or an option to program your workouts. These options make it easy to step on the elliptical and go. Other features to consider include the ability to track your heart rate, time, stride, and calories burned.

Also consider an elliptical’s safety and durability. It is also essential to find a piece of equipment that is maintenance free and comes with a solid warranty.

A lot of home fitness equipment turns into a clothes rack because the owner did not make the right purchase, so the best elliptical for personal use is one that will be used regularly.



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