5 Ways Social Media Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

5 Ways Social Media Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals
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For a lot of people, the goal of working out daily and staying in shape sounds wonderful, but the motivation isn’t always there. And that’s exactly where social media can play a helpful role.

We aren’t just talking about checking-in on Facebook when you’re at the gym, either. The truth is that social media can do a lot for the casual exerciser to help them stayed motivated, from turning fitness progress into a game to becoming part of a community.

Here are five ways social media can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Learn Through YouTube

Want to try a new yoga pose? How about using those sometimes-intimidating strength machines? Here’s the good news: YouTube is filled with instructional videos.

Take our YouTube account, for instance. The machines in our new Discovery™ Series Strength Lines feature QR codes that you can scan using your smartphone. All of these QR codes take you to that machine’s specific instruction video, demonstrating how to safely and effectively workout. Here’s an example — the Plate Loaded Bicep Curl:

Find Health and Fitness Articles on Twitter


There’s a massive amount of fitness and health content being pushed online every single day, and Twitter can help you keep up with the latest trends, research and healthy smoothie recipes. Moreover, you might come to realize that you’d like to join in the conversation. If that’s the case, there are plenty of Twitter chats out there — such as #RunChat — to make you feel like part of a community. Don’t know where to start? Try following some of these great health and fitness accounts in addition to @Precor:

Track Your Progress Using Preva

Preva Badge Sharing

Available on Precor networked fitness equipment and as an iOS app, Preva lets you set goals, track your fitness progress and earn badges for specific achievements. To get your account started, just hop over to the Preva website. Or if you want to learn more about sharing those cool badges with friends and family, we already wrote a blog post for you.

Get Inspiration from Pinterest

Whether you’re looking for motivational images, workouts, recipes, or anything in between, you’ll find it on Pinterest. The virtual pinboard social network is all about highly shareable images, meaning there’s tons of great content to be had. Best of all, you can pin your favorite content to your own boards and save it for later.

Instagram Your Hard Work

Instagram Hashtag Precor

Instagram is everyone’s favorite place to post a filtered picture of their workout, so why not join the party? In fact, we love it when exercisers tag the Precor Instagram account or use the hashtag #Precor. Who knows, we might even feature you at some point!

What are some other ways you use social media to keep fit?




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