Boost Strength Training Participation Among Women: Free Precor White Paper

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Why do women avoid strength training? And what can your club do to help more women realize the benefits of strength training?

Those are questions we answered in this new Precor white paper, which includes our survey of 500 women ranging from 18 to 55 years-old. To download your copy, just head over to the Precor website or click on the image below.

Here’s the white paper’s introduction to get you started:

Women are an underserved audience in the world of strength training.

They have embraced the importance of strength training in their total workout routine — even more so than men — but they give it less time than men in their total workout routine. Women often do not feel comfortable enough using strength training equipment and are thus shortchanging themselves on the benefits of this exercise.

Precor White Paper Boost Strength Training Participation Among Women

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