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9 Ways to Set and Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Every year we make them, and, sadly, every year we (often) manage to break them. Despite our greatest efforts, our goals come to… less than we thought they might. So how will this year prove any different? Because for once, […] 

Win a 9.31 Treadmill in Our Resolution Revolution Sale Pin to Win Contest

Want to win a 9.31 Treadmill and make sure those upcoming New Year’s fitness resolutions stay on track? You’re in luck — during our Resolution Revolution Sale (on now through January 5th), we’re holding a Pin to Win contest to give away […] 

What Cardio Machine Is Ideal for Bad Knees?

When chronic, painful knee conditions make the thought of working out seem like a daunting and dreadful task, it is easy to let health and fitness goals slip. Don’t let the fear of additional discomfort or damage get the best […] 

7 Household Items You Can Use as Fitness Equipment

It’s the holiday season, so chances are, you won’t always have access to your favorite gym or at-home equipment. Let’s be honest — you may even be spending a few days away from home with your (gasp!) relatives. So how can you […] 

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