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World’s Top Fitness Destinations: Around the World in 12 Workouts

With spring breaks and summer vacations on the horizon and a long cold winter behind us, we can’t help having vacationing on the mind. Of course, travel also runs the risk of disrupting the fitness routine you’ve worked so hard […] 

Game of Thrones Workout: Season 4 Premiere Edition

Winter is coming (again) as “Game of Thrones” returns to HBO on April 6. ***SPOILER ALERT*** If you are not caught up through season 3, you may not want to read any further. We’ll catch up with our favorite Lannisters, […] 

6 Unique Spring and Summer Fitness Events

Are you the type of person who’d only consider running if zombies were chasing you? Or maybe you’re not afraid to get a little dirty while racing in an obstacle course? Every spring and summer, traditional fitness-related events (like marathons) […] 

Should You Stretch Before You Work Out?

Seeing as it’s been the prevalent theory since before Richard Simmons was a kid, you can hardly be blamed for thinking that stretching before your workout reduces your chances of injury. Like many theories regarding health and fitness, however, the […] 

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