Author: Shelby Handran

Shelby, who's worked in the fitness field for 14 years, has worked with clients on several different platforms from fitness classes and corrective exercise (CES-Corrective Exercise Specialist) to nutrition coaching (CNS-Certified Nutrition Specialist). He holds several certificates in personal training including NASM, ISSA and NCSF. Shelby has had several success stories with clients losing more than 100 pounds on numerous occasions. Weight loss is a common focus for Shelby's clients, but a program focused on functional strength improvement is the foundation to his successful approach. Now, as a reputable source for information regarding exercise science and healthy nutritional practices, Shelby runs Personalized Health and Fitness LLC in Woodinville, WA. The company employs a training staff with a broad yet extensive education background, from basic Certified Trainers to 4-year degree Certified Strength Coaches. At PHF LLC, Shelby oversees a 6,000 square foot 24-hour facility and manages multiple onsite/offsite wellness programs for corporate companies such as Precor Incorporated and higher education institutions like the University of Washington.

Workout Wednesday: Lower Body

Looking to strengthen and tone your lower body? Then our very first Workout Wednesday post is right up your alley. Each of these four workouts — the leg extension, leg press, dumbbell front squat, and dumbbell step-up — should consist […] 

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