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What Sets the Precor EFX® Apart From Other Ellipticals

A favorite of gym-goers and home exercisers worldwide, Precor Elliptical Fitness CrosstrainersTM (EFX®) are known for providing users of all types, from beginners to fitness aficionados, with an exceptional cardio workout experience. The fluid, ellipse-shaped motion of our EFX mimics […] 

How Often Should You Work Out?

In the struggle to keep up with your job, family obligations, and rest, many people find it hard to make time to work out. This is a shame, because the health benefits of regular exercise are numerous – better heart […] 

What Cardio Machine Is Ideal for Bad Knees?

When chronic, painful knee conditions make the thought of working out seem like a daunting and dreadful task, it is easy to let health and fitness goals slip. Don’t let the fear of additional discomfort or damage get the best […] 

The AMT®: One Machine, Infinite Workouts

The Adaptive Motion Trainer® has been a hit with exercisers — a survey showed that 45% of club members said the AMT has become their new “favorite machine.” (If you haven’t seen the AMT in action yet, then check out […] 

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