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How Gym Operators Can Keep the New Year’s Resolution Crowd Motivated

Nearly everyone starts off the New Year with some hefty fitness resolutions, but keeping members of your gym motivated past January can sometimes be a challenge. Memories of cookies, egg nog, and heavy dinners have faded, and exercise is often left […] 

9 Ways to Set and Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Every year we make them, and, sadly, every year we (often) manage to break them. Despite our greatest efforts, our goals come to… less than we thought they might. So how will this year prove any different? Because for once, […] 

How to Set Weekly Fitness Goals with Preva®

One of the best parts about Preva® is the ability to set weekly fitness goals and track your progress. It’s easy to set up, and studies have shown that those who regularly track their progress are much more likely to […] 

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