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Presidents Day Fitness Inspiration: Presidential Quotes

It’s true: Presidents Day always falls on the third Monday of February, and just because it’s a holiday that doesn’t mean you should skimp on beginning to work toward your fitness goals for the week. That’s why we’ve gathered these admittedly fictional, but […] 

6 Fitness Movies on Netflix You Can Stream Today

Netflix is an amazing resource for entertainment, but it also includes a wealth of films that educate and inspire. From inspirational documentaries to a reality series following pro trainer Jackie Warner, Netflix offers thousands of hours of streamable video, fictional […] 

How to Hire a Personal Trainer

Whether prompted by working off those holiday excesses, sticking to New Year’s resolutions, or looking ahead to swimsuit season, this time of year sends many people to the gym. No matter if you’re new to the gym or just looking […] 

Gymtimidation: What It Is and How to Get Over It

We’ve all been there before – you pump yourself up pre-workout, saying that you’re going to give it 110% today. As you make your way across the gym floor, that confident feeling fades fast when you realize that the only […] 

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