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Infographic for Operators: What Is Preva®?

If you’re an operator looking for an easy and efficient way to increase revenue, communicate directly with your exercisers as they work out, and gain valuable insight into workout patterns as a means of fostering a quality relationship, then Preva […] 

10 Fitness Apps That Will Amp Up Your Workout

Let’s face it: working out isn’t always easy, especially if all you have to distract you is the sound of your own Darth Vader-ish breathing. But don’t despair just yet. With your smartphone or music player at your side, there […] 

Infographic: How Preva® Boosted Fitness Facility Traffic at Arizona State University

We previously told you how Arizona State University was promoting the largest Preva® networked fitness installation in the world. With the results of ASU’s Cardio Challenge in, we’ve put together this infographic showing how Preva boosted fitness facility traffic. The Cardio Challenge […] 

How Operators Can Customize Preva® and Make It Work for Exercisers

Preva® has never been more personalized for the exerciser and it’s never been more customizable for you, the operator. It’s the perfect solution for fitness facilities looking to better connect with their exercisers. From RFID tokens and accessories to workout […] 

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