Queenax Movement Library


Queenax Movement Library

Explore our Queenax™ Movement Library to find exercises on our various training applications. This resource will continue to be updated with additional exercises to expand your programming. A complete movement library is provided for those who complete our onsite Queenax Foundations training course.

  • Superfunctional™ Movement Library

    Superfunctional™ is a suspension fitness bar developed by Queenax™. The dual anchor points provide greater confidence and stability while training with suspension, yet the trapeze-inspired design is a natural fit for play-based and skill-based training.


  • Up Strength Movement Library

    Up Strength is a suspension fitness trainer with independent straps - "ladders." With twelve handles per ladder, there is no need for adjustments. Just grab and go!


  • UFO Movement Library

    The UFO, or the Unidentified Fitness Object, is a suspension platform that is unique to Queenax.™ It is rooted in board sports, and its four connection points allow the exerciser to drive it in 360 degrees.


  • Mobile Parallels Movement Library

    Mobile Parallels are a flexible strength station that accommodates symmetrical and asymmetrical movements. Most commonly recognized as a dip or pull-up station, this can also be used for a host of total body strength and flexibility exercises.


  • Strong++™ Movement Library

    Strong++ is a tubing and pulley system that accommodates multi-planar resistance training. Exercisers can work from the low pull point, the high pull point, or connect the tubes together for greater freedom of movement.


  • Wall Bars Movement Library

    The Wall Bars are fixed horizontal bars that provide access to the monkey bars and provide stability for mobility work, play-based exercises and strength exercises.


  • Plyometric Platform Movement Library

    The Plyometric Platform is an adjustable height Queenax™ platform designed primarily for stepping and jumping movements. It can also be an elevated base of support for upper body and core activities.


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