Train Balance and Stability on the AMT®


Train Balance and Stability on the AMT®

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Complement your cardio workout with balance and stabilization training on the AMT. With the unit powered off, you can select from a variety of training positions and perform exercises to enhance your postural awareness and lower body strength. Precor Master Coach and global fitness educator Hayley Hollander shares some tips for transforming your AMT workouts.


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Hayley Hollander
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Hayley is the Fitness Director for Midtown Athletic Club, co-founder of Advanced Training Performance, faculty member for PTA Global, international presenter, author, and Precor Master Coach. Hayley holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Physical Education with a minor in Mathematics. After 17 years of training Hayley lives and strives off of ‘moments of clarity’, and instances to grow beyond measure. You can find her latest work in four DVDs at, and the PTA Global’s Group Training Solution.

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