Video On Demand Playlist: People Are Awesome

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Video On Demand Playlist: People Are Awesome

If you’re looking for some inspiration during your next workout, there’s no better playlist than our People Are Awesome video playlist, which can be found on YouTube and networked Precor P80 consoles. Though Video On Demand offers a lot of options for different types of music and adrenaline sports, this playlist is the only one that mixes all of them together. These videos couple spectacular human feats with heart-pumping music to keep both your ears and your eyes entertained. Watching people perform epic movie-quality stunts is the perfect motivation to test your workout limits! Here are just a few examples of what this playlist offers.

Martial Arts

With people of all ages showing off their kicks and punches, this video demonstrates the many sides of martial arts in non-combative settings. Set to The Prodigy’s “Get Your Fight On,” you’ll leave this video wanting to go kick butt and take names. But you have to watch it to the end to see which superhero joins in the good fight.


This one, as you can guess, is all about what tricks a person can perform on a bicycle. With Galantis’ hit single “Runaway (U & I)” in the background, the video makes you think that might just be possible with a bike.

Extreme Sports

Being the fourth installation of the Insane Edition, this compilation of high-action sports makes you wonder how the first three could be any crazier. This video contains 14 minutes of people flying in the sky, wakeboarding over ice, jumping off any high place, and basically defying death, all to a fast electronic beat.


Get ready for a compilation of the best freeskiing that YouTube has to offer. Just when the summer heat feels too much, this video will take you back to the winter snow and ice. It features slopes from all over the world, run by amateurs and professionals alike.

High-Intensity Speed

It’s all about speed. Here we have fast cars, fast skis, fast legs, and fast pool shots for 15 action-packed minutes – it might just make you pick up the pace on your own workout! Be sure to check out the other playlists that Precor Video On Demand has to offer, including many playlists for upbeat music.

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