• Our delivery and installation costs are calculated for shipping our product to one of our Precor Authorized Installers, who will contact you for professional installation. They will set up an appointment to you to delivery the product, bring it into your desired room, assemble it and remove the debris. The delivery and installation cost includes both of these services.

  • Most of the commercial series equipment that we sell for home use is featured in our Home equipment section (such as the AMT®, StretchTrainer, Ab-X), but you can purchase just about any commercial equipment for your home. If you don't see it, please contact Precor Customer Support at 1-800-786-8404, for help. They will direct you to the nearest Precor Authorized Dealer.

  • Absolutely. However, before you buy, be sure to ask about special electrical requirements that some Precor commercial products require, such as our premium commercial treadmills. Also be sure to measure your space including ceiling height and exterior and interior doorways. Take into consideration angles, corners and tight confines leading to the room where you want to place your equipment. You can find Precor equipment specifications in the product detail pages of the Home equipment section.

  • The cleaner recommended for use on all Precor equipment is Simple Green®. The recommended dilution is 1 part Simple Green to 30 parts of water. Do not spray directly on the equipment. Spray the solution on a clean lint-free, cloth before applying to the equipment.

  • Precor equipment is manufactured for use in “normal” indoor controlled environment conditions. Therefore, Precor does not manufacture any exercise equipment that is intended for use outdoors or in an uncontrolled environment, such as a garage, enclosed porch or unfinished basement.

  • Forefoot numbness while exercising is annoying but not harmful. In fact, you can probably alleviate or even eliminate the symptoms by positioning your feet flat on the pedals, as opposed to lifting your heel with each stride. This can also occur when using a treadmill. If you have any concerns, you may want to consult your physician.

  • The EFX stride length is approximately 28 ¼ inches (2.356 feet). Therefore, it will take approximately 2241 strides to equal 1 mile. To convert the number of stride to miles, take the number of strides on the display and divide by 2241. To convert strides to kilometers, divide the stride count by 1392.5. Note: the stride length varies by model and CrossRamp angle.

  • A MET is a measurement of oxygen consumption. One MET equals the approximate amount of oxygen consumed per minute by a person at rest. An individual exercising at two METs is consuming oxygen at twice his or her resting rate.

  • The primary difference between home and commercial equipment is the engineering and construction to ensure reliability and performance under different use conditions. Precor commercial equipment is designed to withstand near constant use in facilities, while home equipment is built to withstand use in a home setting. Home equipment also features more user amenities and individual-based programming such as User IDs, workout logs and safety features. Home equipment is also generally smaller, weighs less and has an softer, warm brown color palette.

  • Though it can be annoying, the static generated by exercising on your Precor equipment is not dangerous.

  • "The treadmill belt sliding over the deck surface can, in certain environments, generate a potential of static electricity. In general, this static potential is discharged through the treadmill’s frame grounding. However, in particularly cold, dry environments, residual static potential may remain. This behavior is most evident in the winter, particularly in colder areas. The most effective solution is to raise the relative humidity in the area of the treadmill with a humidifier.

  • Add a minimum of 20 inches (51 cm) onto your own height to provide proper ceiling clearance. Additional Precor equipment dimensions are available under specifications on the Home and Commercial product pages of

  • If you own a 120 volt model, leaving the power on for a period of 50 days will make the software shut down the resistance feature of the equipment. Simply cycle the power to restore resistance.

  • "The telemetry (wireless) heart rate system depends on a strong, clear signal being presented from the chest strap transmitter to the receiver inside the equipment console. In order to present a clear signal, you should correctly position the chest strap snugly against your body. (See your Owner’s Manual for details). Moist skin helps the transmitter strap make good contact, so perspiration or even dabbing a bit of water onto your skin may help.

  • "Touch heart rate readings depend on a strong, clear pulse to be read from your hands. In order to generate a clear signal, gently grasp the sensors. Do not tightly squeeze them, as this will negatively affect the pulse in your hands, making it more difficult for the sensors to get a good reading.
    The sensors will be more successful if your hands are warm and moist. If you have difficulty getting a reading right away, try again after a few minutes of working out. Typically exercise will cause most people’s hands to become warm and moist.