Cinta de correr 9.31



Ya sea su objetivo la resistencia cardiovascular, la pérdida de peso o mejorar el rendimiento, la cinta de correr 9.31 de calidad superior reúne las funciones que necesita para un progreso real. Las tecnologías Ground Effects® e Integrated Footplant Technology™ amortiguan y se adaptan a su zancada, mientras que las opciones de programas no permiten que pierda la motivación.

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Tough Product

Reviewer: Garbo38

Posted: 21/06/11

I'm a 73 year old male weightlifter, and I weigh 230 lbs. I bought this model because I like to keep things simple, and this model is perfect for me. I walk on it at least 12 miles a week at an elevation for 5 - 7, at about 2.8 pace. I've owned it for about 3 years without having any reliability issues at all. The sales guy I bought it from said I would probably never see him again. He was right. I don't think I'll live long enough to need a replacement. Great product!

it's the cushion

Reviewer: hvo

Posted: 02/11/11

After trying my sister's 9.31, I immediately bought one. The cushioning while being stable is the selling point. So easy and flexible to use. The heart rate monitor keeps me in the right zone. Six months later and I am as happy as the the day it came home.

Expensive, well built, hard running surface

Reviewer: Randy

Posted: 02/11/11

Good quality though a bit overpriced. Installation good but team did not clean up fully (e.g., grease fingerprints?). Service call excellent per odd sound at about three months, no charge. Using perhaps 35% of the machine's capabilities, hope to use all this Winter season. Not sure where the whole "soft as running on grass" or similar claims come from, strike me as simply untrue. Surface (belt, platform, legs, gaskets?) has very little or no (?) give even though it is on a top of very high quality third-party mat. A little flex for my fairly average 200 lbs would be nice. . .

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