Published May 15, 2014.  In this contributed cover article to the National Fitness Trade Journal, authored by Director of Product Management Adam Hubbard, the new Experience Series Treadmill launch is highlighted.  The story covers the primary features and benefits of the new treadmills, developed following extensive research with commercial fitness center operators, exercisers and service technicians.  

If Preva is new for your facility, chances are you are looking for the best ways to get off to a great start. Here are a few quick steps to take to make sure you are in a good starting position. Next, visit our Training page for e-learning modules.

Step 1: Log into Preva Business Suite
Every few weeks log into PBS to check on your equipment, update messaging, run the Exerciser Activity Report, and refresh facility feeds.  You should have received login information via email at the time your order was placed.  If not, please contact your sales representative.

Step 2: Sign your team up for training
Interactive training modules and webinars are available to help implement and educate your team on Preva.

Tip - Once your staff is initially trained, schedule periodic training sessions to keep your staff up to speed.

Step 3: Market Preva in your Facility
In-club collateral, email templates, and how-to guides are readily available to help promote Preva in your facility. View a list of resources here.

Step 4: Preva Tokens!
Increase usage and engagement through quick Preva Account access through RFID enabled Preva Tokens. Data shows that exercisers with a token and goals workout on average 4x more often, which can lead to more engagement opportunities and increased retention.

Learn more about the Token here.

Step 5: Preva for new exercisers
Wrap Preva into all new exerciser orientations and tours. Create a Preva account for each new member and help them set goals, associate a Preva Token with their account, and download the Preva Mobile app. The app is a great way to speed this process up. Staff can help exercisers create an account away from the cardio equipment, and it will be immediately available on the P80 console.

Tip - The mobile app is a great way to keep track of workouts outside of your facility so that when exercisers return, they are still tracking to their goals.


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There are many ways to utilize Preva tools and features. To help save you some time with trial and error, we've pulled together some of the best tips and tricks to help you be successful.

Exerciser Activity Report Best Practices for Operators

Exerciser Activity Report
Analyze and Learn to Engage Exercisers

Available on the dashboard of Preva Business Suite, the Exerciser Activity Report is your key to understanding how your exercisers interact with Preva. From usage to fitness totals, you have the opportunity to learn more about your exercisers, and keep them engaged. The more engaged your exercisers, the more they come back.

Click to see more information on our Exerciser Activity Report Best Practices for Operators

Exerciser Activity Report Best Practices for Trainers

Exerciser Activity Report
Using Data to Understand, Motivate, and Train

Preva is a great tool to help establish consistent training habits, provide well-rounded programming, and create a community for your clients. Preva Accounts give clients the ability to track workouts and reporting features give you the opportunity to monitor their progress.

To see more information on this topic, click here

Preva Accounts Best Practices

Preva Best Practices
Keeping Members Engaged and Coming Back with Personalized and Goal-Focused Experiences

Preva Personalized Accounts provides your exercisers with a personalized workout that engages, motivates them to stick with their workout program and keep visiting your facility. With a Preva account, your exercisers set up their own fitness profile on networked P80 consoles, set and track weekly workout goals, receive fun achievement badges, and save their favorite workouts for replay later. With the Preva Mobile Application, Preva Accounts extends your members' experience beyond your facility so that your members can track fitness activities while on the go.

To see more information on this topic, click here

Workout Messages Best Practices

Workout Messages Best Practices
Engaging Exercisers with Powerful Messaging Tools

In-Workout messages allow you, as an operator, to communicate your message directly to your exercisers, right on the P80 console. Designed to help you deliver the right message, to the right person at the right time, in-workout messages can be tailored to reach your exercisers at peak times within your facility.

To see more information on this topic, click here

Facility Feeds Best Practices

RSS Feeds Best Practices
Engaging with Exercisers through Powerful Messaging Tools

Facility Feeds reside on the Preva Net panel of a networked P80 console and appear under "Club Feeds." Much like web RSS feeds, this feature allows your members to view a collection of customized articles in one location. Create and deliver high impact information direct to the P80 console that is easy for in-motion exercisers to consume, and enhances their membership experience. What better way to capture busy, plugged-in exercisers than while they are focused and using your equipment.

To see more information on this topic, click here

Preva Business Suite Best Practices

Best Practices for Preva Business Suite
Managing your Business with Powerful Equipment Optimization Tools

With your networked Precor equipment, you now have access to Preva Business Suite, a central web portal where you can observe and manage all Experience™ Series networked equipment, as well as communicate directly with your exercisers. Through Preva Business Suite, Precor technicians can also help diagnose problems, keep track of software versions, and make sure your networked equipment is always current. Having networked Precor equipment and Preva Business Suite allows Precor to push remote software updates to each unit eliminating the need for paid installers to come out and update your equipment, decreasing costs and downtime.

To see more information on this topic, click here

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To help you maximize the benefits of your Precor networked fitness equipment, we have developed multiple training solutions for you and your staff.

Self-Paced Courses

Our self-paced online courses allow you to learn about Preva Business Suite at a time that best fits your schedule.

Exerciser Achievements
Celebrate Exerciser Achievement

One of the key features of Preva® Personal Accounts is celebrating exerciser achievement with the badges. The fun reward system allows exercisers to earn achievement badges for time exercised, distance accumulated, calories burned, and workouts completed. The badges are designed to engage, motivate, and encourage exercisers to continue to exercise and achieve their fitness goals. Learn more by viewing this interactive self-paced module.

Preva Buisness Suite
Manage Your Cardio Equipment

Preva Business Suite provides you with detailed information about your equipment usage. Learn how to interpret the reports to manage your equipment. Monitor real-time status of your equipment anywhere that there is an internet connection. Read about best practices using Preva Business Suite.

Workout Messages
Create Custom Messages

Learn how to send custom messages to your networked fitness equipment. Advertise your products and services via the welcome message, workout message and facility feeds. Review best practices about how other facilities are using workout messages and facility feeds.

Personal Preva Accounts
Create Personal Accounts

Discuss the benefits of personal accounts with your exercisers. Learn how to link Preva Tokens to the exerciser’s account. Engage and motivate exercisers through personal accounts and the Preva Mobile app. Click here to learn more about the Preva Mobile App.

Precor Exerciser Activity
Monitor Exercisers' Activity

Monitor exerciser engagement on your networked fitness equipment. Identify exercisers that may be interested in a particular fitness class. Determine exercisers who do not have goals or an RFID associated with their Preva Personal Account. Use the report to engage exercisers by holding contests. Read about common questions and answers asked about the Exerciser Activity Report.

Precor P80 Videos on Demand
Video On Demand*

View how exercisers access and navigate the On Demand content on networked fitness equipment. Learn how Precor selects and updates the On Demand content. Explore how you can block content from being accessible on your equipment.

*This feature is only available in Canada and the United States of America

Instructor-led Webinars

Our dynamic and interactive instructor-led webinars review how to best utilize the features of your Precor networked fitness equipment and allow you the opportunity to ask questions. The live webinars are offered multiple times each week to accommodate your busy schedule. Our Networked Fitness Educators are here to help you understand and utilize the features of Preva.

Schedule your webinar today!

Have Questions? Contact a Network Fitness Educator

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Precor has ready made templates and documents to market Preva in your facility.

Preva Contest Guide

Preva Contest Guide
This is your complete guide to four Preva Contests to use in your facility.

With the help of the Exerciser Activity Report in Preva Business Suite, you can run exciting and motivating contests that incorporate and promote Preva Personal Accounts. Contests are a great way to increase Preva adoption, engage with exercisers, and create a strong community within your facility. They will help you in connecting Preva to full facility offerings for your exercisers. Use contests to get new exercisers involved with your facility, and to keep existing exercisers engaged and motivated.

To continue reading, check out our Preva Contest Guide

Preva Token Datasheet

Preva Token Datasheet

The Preva Token, a cornerstone of the Preva system, makes it easy and effortless for exercisers to log in to their Preva Account and immediately get their workout started. Preva account holders that have set a goal and use a Preva Token to sign-in work out more than 4 times as often than those without a goal and RFID token. What does this mean for you as the operator? More frequent visits keep exercisers engaged and coming back, leading to increased retention and thus additional revenue.

To continue reading, check out our guide on the Preva Token Datasheet

Print on Demand

Preva Print on Demand

In-club marketing materials are available to you to post around your facility to help promote Preva. Available for purchase on our Print on Demand website, these materials include posters, consoles tags and pop-up banners.

To order, visit our website

Guide to Communicating with your Exercisers

Precor P80 Console RSS Feeds
Keep in Touch with your Members During Their Workouts

Discover how to benefit from your Club Feeds and Message Manager.

The 'Club Feeds' feature located on the Preva Net panel of networked P80 consoles, enables you to provide content direct to your members. You can deliever news, information and club promotions to help keep members informed and entertained. You can even use the feeds to help drive additional revenue for your club's services.

Message Manager allows you to add high impact, customizable, and targeted messages that appear right on the exerciser's console.

To continue reading, check out our Guide to Communicating with Your Members

Email Templates

Preva Facility Email Template

Custom email templates are available to promote Preva with your exercisers. Pick from a variety of templates that cover all the major features of Preva, and upload them to your email system. This way, exercisers know about Preva before they even get to your facility.

To learn more, check out our Email Templates

Check out these additional Club Resources

Preva Business Suite User Guide

Front Desk Reference Guide

How to Create Facility Feeds

Facility feed checklist

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Top fitness facilities around the world choose Preva as the winning solution for their facility. Each site implements Preva in their own way, and there are great outcomes to learn from, whether it is an increase in overall exercise satisfaction, increase in revenue, better retention rates, or more exerciser engagement. Read how others are having success with Preva... who knows, it might spark a few new ideas in your mind.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

ASU has over 200 pieces of Precor networked cardio equipment, making it one of the largest networked installations in the world. Read how the leader in university health and wellness partnered with Precor to successfully implement Preva into wellness programs and health initiatives like the Pac-12 Conference Fitness Challenge and Microsoft® Healthvault® accounts.



Find out how HealthGlo, a family owned and full-service gym, uses Preva to increase membership sales and renewals, as well as increase the popularity of cardio among members.

Fitness Incentive

Fitness Incentive

Fitness Incentive makes a point to differentiate itself from the competition in a neighborhood with a full list of gym options. Read how the gym uses Preva to engage and attract exercisers, manage their cardio equipment and develop their marketing strategy.

Wellington College

Wellington College

Both a gym for the college and the local community, Wellington Health & Fitness Club serves over 2500 members. Learn how this facility, with Preva, increases engagement, communicates with exercisers, and reduces membership cancellations.

United States Air Force Base

US Air Force

Grand Forks Air Force Base set the standard for a state-of-the art fitness facility as the first military Preva networked location. Partnering with their IT team, base personnel successfully implemented Preva, using it to promote fitness for patrons and their families, and incorporating Preva into squadron challenges and tracking.

Magnuson Athletic Club

US Air Force

At the first launch of Preva, Magnuson recognized a need for equipment monitoring to better improve their business. Find out how Magnuson uses Preva to optimize and better allocate their cardio equipment.

To see how these facilities are using Preva, check out our case studies

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Precor Media Contact:

Lindsay Stril
Voxus PR for Precor
(253) 445-5443

Precor Unveils Next-Generation Experience™ Series Treadmills

Fitness Operator Insights Help Precor Set New Standard in Treadmill Quality, Reliability and Serviceability

Woodinville, WA — May 15, 2014 — Precor®, a leading commercial and home fitness equipment manufacturer, today introduced new Experience™ Series treadmills for fitness operators. The next-generation equipment, available now for order in the U.S. and Canada, meets commercial customer needs through long-term reliability and operational efficiency while also delivering a highly personalized, maximum-comfort experience for exercisers. Based explicitly on operator, exerciser and service technician feedback, the Experience Series sets a new standard in state-of-the-art treadmill technology.

“One of the reasons we’ve been able to maintain our reputation for innovation and market leadership is that we regularly ask for and analyze the opinions of our customers,” said Adam Hubbard, Director of Product Management, Precor. “They keep coming back to us because they know we are always focused on their success. We put new technology to work in designs that reflect their priorities.”

The Experience Series redesign was based on valuable insights from an extensive Precor study of its three primary stakeholders: commercial customers (fitness centers and spas), exercisers and service technicians. This collective feedback informed the design of its three new models – the 885, 835 and 811.

Key enhancements include:

Sleek, Simple, Modern Appearance — A clean, more contemporary design consistent with other recently updated Precor products, features an updated console dash, providing exercisers ample space to store their belongings. The all new “user cockpit” features extended, cushioned handrails, delivering greater privacy and enhanced ergonomics.

Optimized Stability — A brand new frame design delivers improved console stability, solid feel and quiet operation. For exercisers, a quiet operation equates to quality, drawing exercisers to the equipment.

Enhanced Exerciser Personalization — The next-generation Ground Effects® Impact Control System (GFX®) features a wider 22” running deck for absorbing high-impact movements while providing maximum stability and a solid push-off. Precor also improved the performance and efficiency of its Integrated Footplant Technology™ (IFT), which recognizes changes in an individual user’s stride and adjusts the belt speed accordingly. To help users feel less “on display” while exercising, Precor also lowered its step-up height to 9.5”.

Improved Maintenance — Experience Series treadmills are easier to install, clean, maintain, troubleshoot and service. The belt and deck are easy to replace using common fastener sizes and lengths. The “Active Status Light,” the first-of-its-kind, allows facility operators and service personnel to quickly assess the operating status of a machine with a glance.

Increased Energy Efficiency - The equipment’s 4 HP AC Drive Motor supplies higher torque and lower power usage than ever before, helping reduce cost of ownership.

“Precor has made some really ingenious updates to the Experience Series, such as the status indicator light that will help us find a fast fix to whatever is wrong,” said Chris Pacifico, co-owner of Eclipse Fitness in Green Brook, New Jersey. “But they don’t stop there; they also make sure parts are readily available too. Precor understands that out of order equipment is bad for business.”

Each Experience Series model features the company’s patented shock absorption technology, delivering a noticeably smoother and more natural feeling workout. Operators have a choice of three models – the 885, 835 or 811 – to best suit their customers’ needs, with full confidence that the improved fit and finish of each piece will hold up over time.

“What Precor has shown us with these new models is that they are listening to what customers want,” said Ed Kreuscher, owner of three New York area fitness facilities, including IXL Health and Fitness Clubs in Rhinebeck and Saugerties. “When we evaluate a fitness equipment provider’s new offerings, we’re not just looking at who’s made the most or biggest changes, but whether those changes are going to be meaningful to our business and to our customers. Precor does their homework and it shows.”

Visit the Precor website to view and compare the new Experience Series models. This next-generation equipment will become available in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific in September 2014.

About Precor
Precor designs and builds premium fitness equipment for effective workouts that feel smooth and natural. With a passionate focus on ergonomic motion, proven science and superior engineering, the company continually advances the home and commercial fitness industry with breakthrough new product categories, including, EFX® Elliptical, Adaptive Motion Trainer® “AMT®” and Preva® Networked Fitness. Precor is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation, the world’s largest sports equipment company, with internationally recognized brands Wilson, Atomic, Suunto, Salomon, Arc’Teryx and Mavic.


Precor Media Contact:

Lindsay Stril
Voxus PR for Precor
(253) 445-5443

Home & Commercial Fitness Warehouse Media Contact:

Mike Hayes Owner

Precor Targets Commercial Market Growth in New Mexico and El Paso, Texas

Expands Partnership with Home & Commercial Fitness Warehouse

Woodinville, WA and Albuquerque, NM – May 1, 2014  –  Precor®, a leading home and commercial fitness equipment manufacturer, today announced it is expanding its partnership with Home & Commercial Fitness Warehouse to pursue commercial market growth opportunities in the State of New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Home & Commercial Fitness Warehouse already provides Precor consumer exercise equipment in New Mexico. Marathon Fitness, the previous commercial distributor in these areas, will focus on its recently acquired Dallas/Fort Worth territory.
“At Home & Commercial Fitness Warehouse, we focus on developing long-term relationships.  We are delighted to expand our Precor commercial product distribution into New Mexico and El Paso, Texas,” said Mike Hayes, Home & Commercial Fitness Warehouse’s owner. “Our company warehouse and offices are conveniently located for customer visits and offer easy access to major roads to facilitate rapid service.”
For more information and any questions about the products, contact them at 505-822-5050 or email them at
About Home & Commercial Fitness Warehouse
Founded in 2003, Home & Commercial Fitness Warehouse serves the fitness equipment and service needs for residential and commercial customers.  They are the exclusive distribution and service group for Precor commercial cardiovascular, strength and entertainment solutions in the State of New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. 
About Precor
Precor designs and builds premium fitness equipment for effective workouts that feel smooth and natural. With a passionate focus on ergonomic motion, proven science and superior engineering, the company continually advances the home and commercial fitness industry with breakthrough new product categories, including, EFX® Elliptical, Adaptive Motion Trainer® “AMT®” and Preva® Networked Fitness. Precor is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation, the world’s largest sports equipment company, with internationally recognized brands Wilson, Atomic, Suunto, Salomon, Arc’Teryx and Mavic.


Lindsay Stril

Voxus PR for Precor
(253) 444-5443

In-Shape Health Clubs Names Precor® Vendor Partner of the Year

Woodinville, WA — April 8, 2014 — Precor®, a leading home and commercial fitness equipment manufacturer, today announced that In-Shape Health Clubs has named the company Vendor Partner of the Year. In-Shape created the Vendor Partner of the Year Award to recognize the contributions and commitments made by strategic partners. This is the first year In-Shape has bestowed this award to a fitness equipment manufacturer.

"In-Shape works with a number of suppliers, but it’s vendors like Precor that have spent countless hours establishing themselves as strategic partners that we value most deeply,” said Paul Rothbard, CEO of In-Shape Health Clubs. “In addition to the outstanding line of equipment Precor has to offer, their incredible service and support has been instrumental in helping us meet our business objectives and exceed member expectations.”

As a long-time partner of In-Shape Health Clubs, Precor provides its premium fitness equipment, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, Adaptive Motion Trainers® (AMT®), climbers, bikes, Cardio Theater and strength equipment to many of In-Shape’s fitness facilities.

“It’s been a pleasure working with In-Shape over the years and watching their operation grow and become a household name,” said Rob Barker, Precor President. “We’re honored to receive this award from the company and are excited about all the new ways we can work together in the future to reach new levels of success.”

In-Shape is based in Stockton, CA, and is ranked one of the top health club companies in the United States. Founded in 1981 with one club and a vision for helping people stay healthy and have fun, the company is expanding to provide state-of-the-art facilities to members throughout California. In-Shape currently owns and operates 70 facilities.

About Precor
Precor designs and builds premium fitness equipment for effective workouts that feel smooth and natural. With a passionate focus on ergonomic motion, proven science and superior engineering, the company continually advances the home and commercial fitness industry with breakthrough new product categories, including EFX® Elliptical, Adaptive Motion Trainer® “AMT®” and Preva® Networked Fitness. Precor is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation, the world’s largest sports equipment company, with internationally recognized brands Wilson, Atomic, Suunto, Salomon, Arc’Teryx and Mavic.
Uma História de Inovação

Uma História de Inovação

PRECOR sempre na vanguarda do desenvolvimento de equipamentos de ginástica oferece ao usuário: equipamentos que cuidam da sua segurança e que permitam alcançar o máximo em cada treinamento.