This test predicts a user's fitness level by monitoring heart rate during a preprogrammed course. The basic protocol - including the course definition and the analysis algorithm were developed in 1992 by Dr. Neil Gordon of the Cooper Clinic. In 2002, Dr. Emily Cooper, of Seattle Performance Medicine, assisted Precor to calibrate the Fitness Test to predict results shown through VO2 max testing. As such, the test is clinically designed, extremely accurate as a model, and a great guideline to predict a person's fitness level.

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Precor calorie calculations rely on standard ACSM formulas for the treadmills, steppers, and bikes. Due to the unique motions of the EFX and AMT, the formulas for these products were developed by Dr. Emily Cooper of Seattle Performance Medicine. For the EFX, the equations consider user weight, age, ramp angle, resistance and stride rate. For the AMT, the formulas integrate user weight, age, resistance, stride rate, stride height and stride length.

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Decline training increases stride rate and prepares the quadriceps for the demands of downhill running. It is a great way for runners or everyday athletes to gradually increase their training speed in order to improve the amount of work they can do in a fixed period of time. Those new to decline training should start with short intervals to allow their bodies time to adapt to this type of stress.

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Distance on the EFX is an equivalent distance to walking or running on a treadmill. In other words, distance is calculated based on an equivalent work effort on a treadmill. Therefore, resistance level is a key factor in calculating the distance travelled on an EFX.

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Using the moving handles during a training session can provide a variety of workout advantages. Passively holding the handles gently activates your upper body and facilitates a total body workout, leading to a slight increase in caloric expenditure. It also naturally synchronizes the movement between your upper and lower body. However, for more significant results, exercisers should actively push and pull on the handles during the training sessions. Doing so will not only elevate calorie burn, but will also engage the core muscles.

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The most effective way to burn calories on the Precor EFX is first to increase resistance, and second to increase user speed. However, increasing resistance will have a higher RPE than increasing speed for most users even though the physiological differences are not that great, so exercisers should take this into consideration when building programs. Training in the reverse direction has also been shown to have a notable increase in heart rate and be a good way to vary workouts without compromising training intensity.

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