What is the difference between buying from Precor, a store or Amazon.com?

Precor sells equipment in a network of Precor Authorized Dealer retail stores, on Precor.com and on Amazon.com. The highest level of personalized service will come from one of our Precor Authorized Dealers. Their sales staff is highly trained to help you select the Precor equipment that will best meet your fitness goals. Most Dealers also provide delivery and installation, post-purchase service, and may have financing options available.

When you purchase from Precor.com, professional delivery and installation is provided on most equipment through our delivery service fee. We sell to the contiguous US, Canada and the United Kingdom on Precor.com.

When you purchase from Amazon.com, standard delivery is curbside. You must receive and assemble the equipment yourself. However, there is an option to call Precor to be put in touch with one of our Authorized Installers who you will pay directly for installation. We highly recommend professional installation."