Strength - Tennis Conditioning

World-class fitness competitor Lisa Reed offers insight into training techniques used in coaching Monica Seles to new levels of conditioning. To complement a 20-minute Precor EFX ® Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™ aerobic workout, Lisa details a weight resistance training program that will help develop top performance on the court.

This tennis-specific weight resistance program is a good complement to the aerobic workout. Alternate your aerobic and weight resistance training programs.

Workout Details:

Precor Machine:Any Precor strength training system and handheld weights

Time: Approximately 45 minutes

Warm Up:

Machine: Precor EFX

Time: 10 minutes

Program: Variety

Level: 1-20

Note: Remember, this segment is a warm-up. Determine your appropriate intensity level.

Stretch: Perform a full body stretch, emphasizing the arms, shoulders, hamstrings, and quads.

Squat/Leg Press: 2 sets of 12 repetitions (2x12)

Walking Lunges: 2x12

Bench Press: 2x12

Seated Row: 2x12

Front Shoulder Raises: 1x12

Side Shoulder Raises: 1x12

Rear Shoulder Raise: 1x12

Bicep Hammer Curls: 2x12

Tricep extension: 2x12

Superman: 2x20 (The superman exercise is executed by lying on your stomach and raising both arms and legs as high as you can, off the floor, comfortably.)

Abdominal: 2x20 (Crunches, twists, and leg raises.)

Stretch: Again perform a full body stretch highlighting the arms, shoulders, hamstrings and quads.

Cool Down and Re-hydrate.

About Lisa Reed:

  • Monica Seles' strength and conditioning coach, 2001
  • Master’s Degree, Exercise Physiology, Illinois State University
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Exercise Science, Radford University
  • 2000 NPC USA Nationals winner
  • 2000 World Tri-Fitness Challenge winner
  • CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist
  • USAW United States Weightlifting club coach certified
  • First female named as Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for US Naval Academy
  • Strength coach for University of Florida volleyball, gymnastics, diving, tennis, and women's track and field teams

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