5 Reasons to Add Strength Training to Your Workout Routine

5 Reasons to Add Strength Training to Your Workout Routine
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Have you recently started getting into your cardiovascular workouts on the cross trainer or treadmill? Or maybe you’ve been getting those cardio workouts in for years, but you haven’t yet added strength training to your routine.

Well now’s the time. The benefits of adding strength training to your workout routine are numerous – here are 5 of them.

Mixing Up Your Routine

Chances are you’ve gone through a phase where you’ve been bored with your workout routine. It’s true that your body can get used to exercises you perform regularly and burn fewer calories. However, adding strength training to your cardio activities is a great way to keep yourself engaged in the workout.

Make Your Heart Work

Yes, your heart really gets pumping during cardio exercise, whether you’re running or cycling or hiking. But you can get your heart working during strength training exercises as well. It’s as simple as increasing the resistance of whatever weight machine you’re using and giving more energy to your muscles.

Helping with Weight Loss

Need to lose a few kilos? Implementing strength training can help.

When you’re overweight, muscle mass is increased to support the body’s weight. Yet, as you lose weight your body may also cut muscle mass. With strength training as part of your routine, it can help to retain your muscle strength and actually help you lose unwanted weight faster. How?  Strength training can increase your metabolism (see the next section) and make your body work harder during exercise.

Increase Your Metabolism

Adding regular strength training activities to your routine is key to improving your body’s metabolism because your body is then forced to use calories to help maintain your muscles. To be sure your muscles are ready to be used whenever they’re called upon, they burn extra calories throughout the day.

Long-term Benefits

From increasing bone stability to strengthening tendons and improving your balance, there are numerous long-term benefits to adding strength training to your fitness routine. All of these things will help to keep you safely exercising as you get older.



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