Do Cross Trainers Work?

Do Cross Trainers Work?
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Cross Trainers, also known as ellipticals, are one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in both gyms and the home.

They offer a more effective low-impact workout than equipment such as treadmills and stationary bikes, and buying a high-quality cross trainer from a trusted brand can mean maximum health benefits for the exerciser.

What Is a Cross Trainer?

A cross trainer simulates a running motion by combining qualities of a stair stepper, stationary bike and treadmill. The gliding motion created by a cross trainer is natural for the body as an exerciser’s feet move in a smooth circular motion. Overall, this helps to provide you with a full body workout.

Because of this, cross trainers offer a more thorough workout than other fitness equipment. An exerciser can focus on weight loss programs, burning calories or toning specific areas of their body. Depending on speed and resistance settings, a 30-minute workout on a cross trainer can burn up to 400 calories for a person weighing 70 kilograms.

A cross trainer like the Precor EFX has a major advantage compared to others. While most cross trainers force you to lean forward and push off from your toes, the Precor EFX features a design that allows the exerciser to maintain the correct posture. Because of this, the exerciser can drive the motion from the heel forward, making a better workout for the hamstrings, gluteus and quads.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cross Trainer?

Some of the best benefits of using a cross trainer include:

  • Cross trainers offer cardio and strength training. If an exerciser wants to focus their workout on strengthening their legs, then they can combine resistance and incline settings – only Precor cross trainers currently offer an incline setting. A cross trainer also has amazing aerobic value as it keeps the whole body moving.
  • Cross trainers offer a low-impact workout. Pounding your feet and legs against the ground while running (or striking a treadmill belt) can be demanding on any exerciser’s body. With a cross trainer, exercisers are moving in a smooth motion, and anyone carrying a lot of weight or anyone with joint issues will be thankful for the low-impact workout.



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