7 Gym Guidelines for Beginners

7 Gym Guidelines for Beginners
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Now that the New Year has kicked off, many people have made the resolution to exercise more often.

Joining a gym is the next logical step, and many have joined for the first time. This means they might be left to guess what the right etiquette is in a gym setting, which can be an annoyance to fellow members and even a danger at times. With that said, here are 7 gym guidlines for beginners.

Max times during peak hours

When your gym gets packed, you might need to cut your workout short so another exerciser can use your machine. If your gym does post guidelines for its peak hours, it’s typically 30 minutes per machine. Be a good member – and fitness friend – and keep these maximums in mind.

Keeping equipment clean

Everyone is at the gym to break a sweat, but don’t leave it all over the equipment!

We aren’t just saying this because we make the equipment, either. It’s common courtesy to keep a towel with you so you can clean your machine after you’ve finished your workout.

Leave things how you found them

It doesn’t end at the wipe down. For example, if you’re using a piece of strength equipment, remember to replace free weights and readjust those pins. This piece of etiquette comes back to safety – even a misplaced dumbbell can cause havoc.

Respect the equipment

If a piece of equipment stops working or you notice something is wrong, don’t just walk away and forget about it. Let your gym know so they can make repairs and keep your fellow gym-goers happy.

Keep the tunes to yourself

Just because you have earphones in doesn’t mean you’re the only one who can hear your music. If you have it turned up loud enough, it can annoy exercisers around you (and not everyone likes the same type of music you do). Make it a point to be sure that your music is only audible to you.

Give yourself – and others – enough room

If you don’t give yourself and other exercisers enough room, it can become a safety hazard. So be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Talking on your mobile phone

We all know how frustrating it can be to listen to one-sided mobile phone conversations. And it’s no different at the gym – this can be extremely disruptive to other exercisers. You don’t have to ditch your mobile phone at the gym, but you shouldn’t be talking on it.

If you’re sick, stay at home

If you catch a bug, consider that it can be easy to spread illness at the gym because of all the equipment you’re touching. Do your fellow members a favour and stop the spread of germs – rest up at home before getting back into your workout routine.

What did we miss? Are there other gym etiquette guidelines you’d suggest? Let us know in the comments.



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