4 Tips for Hiring a Personal Trainer

4 Tips for Hiring a Personal Trainer
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Whether you’re joining a gym for the first time or you have a strong desire to reach your personal goals and see better results, having a personal trainer can greatly help you. Personal trainers teach you exercises and workout routines that will have the most benefit to your fitness ambitions, and can be strong motivators for going to the gym when you feel like giving up.

How can you find the right personal trainer to meet your needs? Here are 4 hints on beginning your search.

Establish Goals

Your first priority before even starting your search for a personal trainer should be defining your personal fitness goals. Are you trying to lose weight, or increase your muscle mass and strength? Are there specific areas of your body that you are trying to tone? Are you more interested in aerobic or anaerobic conditioning? Be able to clearly articulate what you’d like to accomplish. Upon your first talk with a potential personal trainer, make sure that they are on board with helping you achieve your goals.

Gauge Compatibility

Before picking a personal trainer, see if it’s possible for you to have a free trial session. It’s important that you are compatible with your future personal trainer, so make sure that your personalities match up and that you find him or her to be motivating (but not over the top!). Another possibility is to try out a small group session with a personal trainer. These can be more social in nature, and are a good way to experience a trainer’s personality.

Check Credentials and Experience

Your trainer needs to be certified in this line of work. Some of the typical certifications can be found on the Fitness Australia website. Trainers need to be well-groomed and have clear communication skills. The right trainer for you will be sincerely interested in helping you achieve your fitness goals, and he or she should have background education in anatomy, joint structure, and kinesiology (the scientific study of human movement).

Ask the trainer for references or success stories from previous clients, and take these into consideration when making your decision. Ensure that the personal trainer is able to customize your workout around any physical limitations that you have, like weak knees or a bad back.

Where to Begin?

The most obvious place to start your search for a personal trainer is at your gym, since most gyms already have several trainers available, either on-staff or as freelance personal trainers. This saves you some time and makes the process of hiring your personal trainer much easier as the gym should have done background and credential checks on the trainers (ask to make sure, though!). These personal trainers already know where equipment is located throughout the gym, so that’s also a bonus!

Also consider asking around for referrals. Your trusted fitness friends may know of an excellent trainer that you may not hear about otherwise.

In the end, remember that you have goals to achieve, and that you are putting both your time and money toward this commitment. Take time to find the personal trainer who best matches your needs, even it means talking to a lot of possible trainers before you find the right one. Good luck in your search!

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