Guide to Training for a Marathon in Winter

Guide to Training for a Marathon in Winter
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Do you have a marathon coming up in the spring or summer that you need to begin training for?

Despite the drop in temperatures during the winter, it’s still important to find the motivation to train for when your next marathon does roll around. Keep your goals on track with this guide to training for a marathon in the winter.

Stay Dry

Avoid puddles on your run, even if they look to be small.

The truth is that when training outdoors, getting wet can have a one big negative consequence – you’ll get cold. And when you get cold, sickness becomes a bigger risk. And you definitely don’t want to have your precious amount of training days before a big marathon derailed.

Remember to Make Goals

Push yourself to achieve the results you want by setting goals during your marathon training.

For instance, plan routes that have you reaching a set number of kilometers each day or even each week. You can also keep your times and challenge yourself to beat personal records later on. When you do reach a goal, set a new one to keep improving your times and stamina while you train.

Hop on the Treadmill

It’s likely there will be some days in the winter that you just can’t bring yourself to train outdoors.

When you get that feeling, get those kilometers in on a treadmill – whether you own one for the home or you make your way to the gym. However, when you are up for fresh air, plan to take your longer runs and aim for running when it’s warmest outside (the early afternoon).

Keep Warm

When temperatures do drop but you still want to train outdoors, wear layers and keep your body temperature up.

If you don’t often train outside in the winter, it’s a smart choice to invest in high-quality workout apparel. But avoid cotton as it takes longer to dry. Furthermore, be sure to wear a weatherproof outer layer to protect you from the chilly wind and rain.

What tips do you have for training for a marathon in the winter?



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