Advantages of the AMT® with Open Stride™

Advantages of the AMT® with Open Stride™
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What’s the hardest working piece of cardio equipment in your fitness facility?

If you answered anything other than the Adaptive Motion Trainer® with Open Stride™, watch the video below for an introduction and then read about some of the advantages of the AMT with Open Stride™.

The AMT combines multiple pieces of exercise equipment in one

Because Open Stride™ gives exercisers an infinite range of motion paths, the AMT easily acts as a bike, climber, elliptical, stepper, and treadmill.

With a horizontal motion path and stride length of up to 91 cm, you can get a similar workout to walking, jogging, or sprinting. On the other hand, the stride height is adjustable too – from 17 to 25 cm – so you can use it as a stepper or increase the resistance (up to 20 levels) and use it as a climber.

One-size-fits-all that actually delivers

Along with the ability to give exercisers whatever workout they desire, the AMT also fits every exerciser.

Gone are the days of spending time to adjust equipment. The infinite range of motion paths mean that exercisers can hop on and get into any workout they want within seconds.

Try the AMT Intermediate Workout

Try out the Adaptive Motion Trainer with this six-week workout program. Each program is recommended to be done three times per week.

AMT Intermediate Workout

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