Preva®: The On-Console Software Solution for Operators

Preva®: The On-Console Software Solution for Operators
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For operators who want to increase revenue and are also trying to better connect with exercisers, you owe it yourself to learn more about Preva®.

Check out the infographic below and read more to find out why Preva is the true on-console software solution for operators.

What Is Preva Infographic

Preva and operators

Preva is now in 56 countries with more than 22,000 networked units tracking the workouts of exercisers across the world. In fact, exercisers have logged over 70 million workouts since the Preva launch in 2010.

With the Preva Business Suite and Preva Asset Manager, you can learn the habits of exercisers in your fitness facility, whether it’s through real-time equipment usage data, reports or trends. These insights can help you reach exercisers like never before to increase community and revenue, such as through pop-up promotions on the console.

Preva and exercisers

Personalisation is a key feature of Preva, providing several benefits to the exerciser. Some of these include:

  • Fitness tracking via networked equipment in your fitness facility and through the Preva Mobile app
  • Data that is stored in the cloud so exercisers can access their information later
  • Badges that reward exercisers for accomplishing particular goals, keeping them coming back again and again

This networked fitness experience has been proven to boost exercisers’ motivation, meaning higher retention rates for your fitness facility and higher revenue.



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