How Preva Networked Fitness Can Help Your Fitness Facility

How Preva Networked Fitness Can Help Your Fitness Facility
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Preva® Networked Fitness provides an opportunity for fitness facilities to establish connections with members through helping them meet their exercise goals, supporting their social activities, and providing the greatest fitness experience. Cloud-based technology captures users’ progress, which is then accessible through Preva-networked Precor 880 cardio equipment, as well as through the Preva Mobile app.

In one example of how Preva has helped a fitness facility achieve success, consider the family-owned, full service gym Healthglo Fitness & Leisure, found in Tasmania. Despite being located in a city of only 18,000, the gym delivers innovation to all of its 820 members.

Andrew Keen, owner of Healthglo in Tasmania, wanted to bring to his members the latest and greatest in fitness technology, so he chose Precor and Preva. Keen calls the P80 consoles “evolving cardio”, noting that it’s not a fixed product. The consistent software updates allow for valuable changes and improvements to be made to keep the exerciser engaged and excited.

Keen said that “members were so keen to get started [using Preva] and it is so intuitive, we didn’t have to actually show them how to use it, they just worked it out for themselves!”

Healthglo has experienced a large increase in its cardio machine usage – surpassing 400% of previous use. They also saw a 70% increase in new membership sales in the early months of 2013. Even more impressive, the fitness centre witnessed a 33% increase in renewals in January 2013 (vs. 2012), and a whopping 95% increase in February 2013 (vs. 2012).

“I’ve not changed anything else in the gym or anything in our marketing strategy – all I’ve done is installed Preva, and it is just amazing the effect it has had,” says Keen.

In addition to the large increase in memberships and retention, Keen finds Preva very helpful from a service standpoint. The Preva Business Suite makes it easy to identify which machines are used the most, and communications with Precor allow for simple fixes to any problems that arise.

Download the full case study below to learn more about how Preva has helped Healthglo Tasmania.



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