Precor Experience™ Series Treadmills: A Newly Redesigned Line

Precor Experience™ Series Treadmills: A Newly Redesigned Line
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In fitness clubs around the world, Precor treadmills are recognised for their reliability, ease of service, low operating cost for operators, and easy-to-use exerciser interface.

Over the past three years, we’ve been hard at work interviewing operators, exercisers and service providers to comprehensively understand how we can make our treadmills even better. These key insights have guided the design of next generation 885, 835, and 811 Precor commercial treadmill models.

After countless rounds of testing and feedback, we’re excited to announce the launch of our completely redesigned Experience™ Series commercial treadmill line, featuring the unique technology and design that sets it apart from other treadmill offerings on the market. Check out why our new treadmills will be a great addition to your fitness club.

Engaging Consoles

Each of the three treadmill models has a different console which features the statistics and entertainment options that exercisers need to stay motivated and reach their fitness goals.

TRM 885 is outfitted with the interactive touch screen P80 console, which is the same one found on other products in the Precor Experience™ Series 880 Cardio Line. This console can be networked with Preva®, our cloud-based software that enables exercisers to set and keep track of their fitness goals.

TRMs 835 and 811 respectively offer the P30 and P10 consoles. LED-based, these consoles are easy to use, and an optional Personal Viewing System can be attached for an entertaining experience.

Energy Efficiency

The 4 HP AC motor drives in all of our new treadmills run quiet and are optimized with Power Factor Correction (PFC) to increase efficiency, improve performance, and reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent, which can result in some serious cost savings for your facility.


The new Experience™ Series features a redesigned frame that increases console stability and delivers a sturdy and durable feel.

Ground Effects® Impact Control System (GFX)

Exercisers will love that the Experience™ Series treadmills contain Ground Effects®, the next generation of our patented cushioning, support, and stability.

We’ve increased the shock absorption of GFX to 44% over the previous generation. This technology absorbs high-impact movements in the front of the belt, reduces joint stress, minimises fatigue, and allows for a solid, more controlled push-off in the back of the belt, significantly enhancing exercisers’ workouts.

Active Status Light™

The Active Status Light™, which is located on the bottom front of each Experience™ Series treadmill, allows facility operators and staff to easily assess the operating condition of their treadmills. At a glance, operators and staffers can tell when a piece of equipment needs maintenance.

Integrated Footplant Technology™ (IFT)

When shifting from walking to running, exercisers’ foot speeds change. Taking this into account, Integrated Footplant Technology™ changes the treadmill’s belt speed to adjust to an exerciser’s stride, creating an outdoor-like exercise experience and an unparalleled smooth feel.

Find out more about our freshly redesigned Experience™ Series commercial treadmills by visiting the Precor website and watching this video:



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