Do Crosstrainer Handlebars Lead to a Better Workout?

Do Crosstrainer Handlebars Lead to a Better Workout?
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During a crosstrainer workout, have you ever wondered: Will I get a better workout if I use the moving handlebars on the EFX®, or should I let go of them? If so, you’re not alone. To answer this question, we asked a few of our specialists if it’s better to use the handlebars or forgo them for the best possible workout.

The answer: It depends on what you’re hoping to accomplish during your exercise session – there are advantages to both using and not using the  handlebars on the EFX.

EFX 885

No Handlebars

If you’re looking to improve your core stabilisation, balance and leg muscles, try going through a crosstrainer workout without using the handlebars.

When you let go of the handlebars, your body engages stabilising muscles to keep you from falling over. Letting go of the moving handlebars also makes your lower body work harder since you’re not splitting the work load between your upper and lower body.

Using Handlebars

If you’d like to work your upper body while getting in your cardio, try using the moving handlebars.

To create the most effective upper body workout using the moving handlebars, increase the resistance on the EFX and make sure you’re actively pushing and pulling the handlebars. During recovery portions of your workout, try resting your hands on the moving handlebars.

Best of Both Worlds

To create a little variation in your workout, try alternating between using the moving handlebars and letting go of them. When you alternate between using and not using the moving handlebars, you’re putting yourself through a total body cardio and strength workout that also challenges your balance and stabilisation.

Check out the 20-minute workout below for an awesome full-body crosstrainer workout.

full body crosstrainer workout

Do you prefer using the moving handlebars on the crosstrainer?



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