How Accurate is The Calorie Readout on This CV Machine?

How Accurate is The Calorie Readout on This CV Machine?
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It’s a hot topic of debate amongst cardio equipment users: how accurate is the number of calories burned readout on this machine?

We know that this is a serious question, so we talked to some of the experts at Precor to bring you some answers. Read on to see what they had to say.

Here’s the quick answer: The Precor calorie readouts take many user variables into consideration, including age, weight, resistance and stride rate. Your calories-burned readout can also vary depending on which piece of equipment you are using, and if you take the few seconds before your workout to enter your personal stats like age and weight.

The detailed answer: When it comes to Precor Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMTs) and crosstrainers, we use a specialised formula that is based on each individual user’s workout. AMTs use an equation that integrates the exerciser’s weight, age, stride rate, stride height, stride length and resistance. Our crosstrainers rely on an equation that takes in account a user’s weight, age, stride rate, resistance, and ramp angle.

Precor bikes, treadmills, and steppers use standard calculation formulas that have been developed by the American College of Sports Medicine.

How can you get the most accurate caloric reading?

This can be done by entering your weight and age every time you begin a workout.

If you don’t enter any of your personal stats, Precor equipment will use its default stats to estimate the amount of calories that you’re burning. If the piece of cardio equipment that you’re using has a P80 console, such as the one pictured below, the default calorie burn will be based on an 80 kilogram, 35-year-old exerciser. AMTs calculate their default calories burned based on an 80 kilogram, 35-year-old person.  Other Precor cardio machines default at 68 kilogram, 35-year-old individuals.

P80 console

Make the most of your workout by using the caloric readout to guide and coach your workout! Keep track of the number of calories you’ve burned after each workout, and compare your progress over time. Also, keep in mind that, as you increase the machine’s ramp angle, resistance, and stride rate, you will increase the number of calories that you burn.



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