Operators: 3 Free Templates for Email Marketing

Operators: 3 Free Templates for Email Marketing
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Email marketing can be a tricky matter for gym operators to master. Start your efforts out strong by downloading these three email templates we’ve made with you in mind. By entering your email address below, you’ll gain access to text, images, and guidelines on creating great emails for your facility’s members.

The “Welcome” Email Template

Greet your gym’s newest members with this email that reaffirms your commitment to their fitness goals and reminds them of how they are able to sign up for orientation. Also, it features a workout to get them started on their fitness journey at your gym.

The Promotional “Friends and Family” Template

Let your gym goers know about the special offer you’re running where they can sign up their friends and family members at a discounted fee.

The “2-Month Check-In” Template

Meant for those exercisers who have belonged to your gym for sixty days, this email will remind your members to switch up their workouts to keep their muscles engaged and on their way to achieving their fitness goals.



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