Social Media Posts to Help Build Your Gym’s Online Community

Social Media Posts to Help Build Your Gym’s Online Community
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Sharing on social media is an excellent way to reach your customers through new channels. Whether you’re posting an updated class timetable, tweeting about your new personal trainer, or sharing exercise and nutrition tips, social media allows you to actively promote your gym and continually attract new and current members through your doors.

Being prepared and using available tools is key to building an online community. In the past, we’ve offered some assistance by providing resources to help increase your gym’s online presence:

How to Manage Your Gym’s Social Media
Boost Your Gym’s Social Media Presence

Another resource we have available is a downloadable social media guide that gives you even more examples of how to use social media well and engage your current clients – and potential clients – online.

Here are several social media posts you can customise for your exercisers to help get you started. These are based on what we share on our own social media platforms.

Fitness and Health Advice

Exercisers are constantly looking for new tips and tricks to reach their fitness goals. Offering relevant and helpful tips is an excellent way to engage your online community while providing educational information.

Here are a few nutritional and fitness blog ideas:
• 10 Ways to Give Your Metabolism a Boost
• Staying Healthy and Fit During the Winter Months
• 5 Ways to Get More Water in Your Diet

Training Tips

You don’t want your gym’s members to get stuck with the same old exercise routine. Social media is a great way to teach them the importance of variety in their workouts. Sharing information about new workout techniques, such as HIIT exercises, interval training and strength circuits helps your exercisers experience their fitness lifestyle in new and exciting ways.

The Precor Coaching Centre offers educational information, including workout and training videos. The resources here offer great advice and can easily be shared to your gym’s members through social media.

Equipment How-Tos

New members often feel intimidated by fitness equipment they’ve never used before. Sharing how-to videos on social media platforms offer a simple way to instruct your exercisers to safely and effectively use your exercise machines.

We have how-to videos available on the Precor YouTube channel for our machines, showing exactly how each should be used. These videos can be tweeted to your followers, shared over Facebook, or expanded into a blog post.

Using tools and resources already available to you will help you kick start your online presence. Before you know it, you’ll be a social media master and your online community will be thriving with excited members looking to reach their fitness goals at your gym.



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