How “Fitness Made Personal” Describes Precor

How “Fitness Made Personal” Describes Precor
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Since day one, Precor has striven to be more than just a fitness equipment manufacturer. Instead, our goal—and our company’s mission—is to develop personalised health and fitness experiences that help people live the lives they desire. This is a mission that touches everyone who interacts with our equipment, whether they are a gym operator or an exerciser.

“Fitness Made Personal” makes up the heart and soul of Precor. It is what we, as a company, strive to achieve with each and every interaction, from our President to our Sales Reps to the exercisers who use our equipment. These driving principles behind the Fitness Made Personal mentality have been the force behind Precor since the beginning.

For Operators

Precor is more than just a manufacturer—we’re a partner. Gym operators rely on us to provide top-of-the-line customer experiences. Whether through our product engineering or proven business solutions, we strive to understand and meet the needs of every operator who has invested in our equipment.

From facility owners to personal trainers, our Precor Coaching Centre provides value-added information for product training and gym resources. Our proprietary Preva software helps gym operators network their equipment and further take advantage of our detailed asset management software. The Preva Business Suite gives operators an in-depth view into their exercisers’ patterns and statistics. This information allows gyms to provide a customised service to their members.

For Exercisers

Our mission of “Fitness Made Personal’ has directly influenced the development of our proprietary software, Preva Networked Fitness. This software personalises the exerciser’s experience like never before. Exercisers can now feel like they have the tools and resources in their back pocket to help them reach their fitness goals.

Preva personalises the fitness experience for any level. Whether it’s someone training for their first 5k or a seasoned veteran looking to mix up their routine, Precor helps provide personalised quality workouts and helps exercisers’ track their fitness goals through the mobile app.

Whether exercisers are looking for personalised workouts or the latest tips and tricks, the Precor Coaching Centre also helps them. These tools are readily available to all exercisers trying to get the most out of their fitness routine.



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