Pop High Intensity: Featured VOD Playlist

Pop High Intensity: Featured VOD Playlist
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The music in your ears can make or break a workout. As you’re approaching a hill climb, you don’t want Norah Jones; you want Beyonce. There’s nothing wrong with Norah Jones, but she belongs in the cool down rather than the intense action of a workout. If you’re in need of a high-powered, high-intensity set list, the Precor Video On Demand Pop High Intensity Playlist, found on networked P80 consoles, has you covered.

Each song featured on this playlist is handpicked by our Precor playlist curator and offers you songs with a beats-per-minute (bpm) rate of at least 125 to ensure the heart (and musical beat) keeps pumping. These songs will get you past the finish line with energy and maybe even a skip in your step.

‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift (170 bpm)

Taylor Swift’s latest video release has made a stir the world over. Featuring an all-star cast of strong women playing superheroes (and villains), this song is sure to get your imagination going during your workout. Plus it may help you get out some of that pent up aggression.

‘Everybody Talks’ by Neon Trees (155 bpm)

A light-hearted pop song from 2012, ‘Everybody Talks’ by Neon Trees will just make you smile and the song is destined to get in your head for days. Not only that but the beat will keep your heart and workout going strong until the end.

‘True Survivor’ by David Hasselhoff (149 bpm)

If you’re looking for inspiration and loads of action, look no further than David Hasselhoff’s latest release. The Hoff is at it again with a pop song that is sure to make you feel the burn – and transport you back to the 80s with campy animation and fight scenes.

‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce (97 bpm)

This one fudges the lines of ‘high intensity’ coming in at only 97 bpm, but you’d be remiss to think this song isn’t a great song for a high-energy workout. The claps in the background make the beats per minute rank at least in the 160 range.  Plus no high-intensity pop list would be complete without the queen, Beyonce.



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