How Your Gym’s Floor Staff Can Boost Your Gym’s Credibility

How Your Gym’s Floor Staff Can Boost Your Gym’s Credibility
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When your members enter your facility, they want to trust they’re in good hands. Whether it is certified trainers or other employees, your gym’s floor staff need to know a few things before they head out onto the floor. Your gym’s credibility, and the safety of your members, depends on it.

Here are six of the most important things your gym staff should know.

What to Do in an Emergency

One of the most important things your staffers need to be aware of is how to handle an emergency. Would your staff know what to do in case of a fire, earthquake, or other emergency? Do they know where the assembly points are? It is crucial that your team knows your facility evacuation routes and how to be cool under pressure.

You should also regularly train your staff and practice evacuation procedures. Your team will be the ones to bring your members to safety, so make sure they know what they’re expected to do in each situation.

Where the Emergency Supplies Are

Your gym has a wide variety of exercisers of all skill levels. Therefore, it’s important for each member of your floor staff to know where the first-aid kit and the AED machine are located and how to operate them.

If there is an incident in your gym that requires the use of emergency supplies, an incident report form should be filled out and your staffers must know what to do with that form after it’s completed. Also, the supplies that were used in the emergency must be replenished in the first aid kit and both the kit and the AED should be returned to their proper storing places.

How to Operate the Machines

Your floor staff will be the ones for whom your exercisers will rely on when they have questions about the equipment. Your team should know how to work the machines and teach proper form to your members, as well as know how to spot any members who may be using the equipment incorrectly.

When your floor staff can answer members’ questions, the gym’s reputation is automatically increased and your clients’ confidence in the team’s ability is raised. The Precor Coaching Centre is a great place to learn how to train your employees in using Precor equipment.

How to Book Amenities

If your gym offers its members more than just a workout facility, then your team should know how to book the additional amenities you provide. Whether it’s massages and tanning sessions or group fitness classes and personal training, your staff should be able to book those appointments for anyone who asks for them. If you’d prefer to have specific team members book the amenities, each employee should be able to direct a client to the appropriate person or point them in the direction of the pool or group fitness room.

What the Gym Policies Are

If a conflict arises with a client, the employees on the gym floor will be expected to step in. Your staff should be familiar with your facility’s policies and be able to communicate those policies to your exercisers. It’s also important that your staff know why a policy exists as that knowledge can help calm down an irate client. Make sure each of your employees knows who the manager on duty is and understands which issues should be escalated to the manager’s attention.

Where to Find the Clean Stuff

Everyone wants a clean gym, so your staff members should know where to find towels, spray bottles or sanitizing wipes. While it may not be the role of every staff member to clean the machines, they all should know where to find the supplies in case a client is asking for them.

Each of the suggestions will help you and your team build confidence with your clients. Providing a safe and clean fitness environment will help ensure a satisfactory gym experience and increase your members’ loyalty to your facility.



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