Why Your University Fitness Facility Should Be Networked

Why Your University Fitness Facility Should Be Networked
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In today’s universities, two areas take importance next to academics: fitness and technology. With a networked recreation centre, you can give your students and staff the best of both worlds.

The world is connected, and your university fitness facility should be as well. As operators, a networked gym helps you meet the needs of the university students and staff by providing them with a state-of-the-art exercise experience.

Here are three reasons why networking your centre is something you should consider.

1. Be Current With Technology

The world of technology is an ever-changing atmosphere, and university students are most often the early adopters of the latest gadget on the market. Providing your members with a networked fitness experience allows them to stay connected, even during their workout.

A networked facility helps students and staff stay motivated on their fitness journey by providing them an easy way to track their goals and progress. Not only that, but your networked cardio machines enable your exercisers to access the whole range of integrated media experiences, such as music videos, curated playlists, and the latest TV shows.

Preva® technology, our network software, keeps exercisers engaged and connected both inside and outside the gym. Preva can be networked with the P80 consoles found on Precor 880 series cardio machines, but also connects to the Preva mobile app, which allows your members to monitor their fitness goals on the go.

2. Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

University students have a lot on their plates, and living healthfully can often take a back seat to social events and academic endeavours. However, providing your campus with a networked fitness experience can help them keep on track with their fitness goals.

Studies have shown that students who regularly visit the campus recreational centres and strive for a healthy lifestyle have higher GPAs and have significantly lower stress levels than their peers who don’t visit the gym. The cloud-based technology of Preva allows a completely personalised workout experience for your members. This not only encourages students to visit the centre often, but also motivates them to live a healthy lifestyle outside the gym.

3. Track Member Behaviours and Usage Statistics

While networked equipment is a big draw for your exercisers to get into the gym, you, as the operator, can also greatly benefit from the technology. The Preva Business Suite allows you to monitor your equipment usage and learn valuable member insights, all through its cloud-based technology.

Equipment downtime can greatly hinder your members’ workouts. Whether it means waiting for a machine or quitting the workout early, a downed machine can be detrimental to your gym’s reputation. A networked recreational centre can help you monitor your machines’ usage trends in real time and allow you to analyse your machines’ operating conditions and functionality.

Preva networked fitness equipment also helps you encourage your members in new and exciting ways. In 2013, Arizona State University in the United States installed 275 pieces of networked fitness equipment in their facility. Soon after installation, they held a two-month long ‘Cardio Challenge’ that logged exercisers’ workout minutes. This challenge not only introduced members to Preva’s capabilities, but also helped them reach and work towards their healthy lifestyle goals.

The College of Saint Benedict in the midwestern United States also installed Preva in their recreational centre and utilised the program’s usage statistics.

To find out how the College used the technology to its fullest capabilities, enter your email address below to download our case study about the school.



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