Country Medium Intensity: Featured VOD Playlist

Country Medium Intensity: Featured VOD Playlist
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Whether it’s romance or heartbreak, reminiscing about the good ole times or relishing the present, country music is all about emotion. Our ‘Country Medium Intensity’ Video On Demand playlist is guaranteed to have you feeling all the feelings, while also motivating you to keep going strong. Take a look at a few of the songs below:

‘As If’ – Sara Evans (119 bpm)

Ms. Evans goes shopping for the perfect guy in this video, and thankfully, they come with a return policy! You’ll be singing along with its catchy tune, while also admiring the gentlemen she doesn’t deem worthy.

‘Good Girl’ – Carrie Underwood (129 bpm)

The queen of country music brings the sass in this video. Carrie Underwood switches between the good girl and the bad girl, but one thing is for sure, this girl has pipes, and I don’t just mean her voice! Her perfectly toned legs will have you doing a couple extra reps as well.

‘Close Your Eyes’ – Parmalee (144 bpm)

What video isn’t complete without an epic water slide and black light paint? Parmalee will have you working towards your summer bod — and finding summer love — in this down-home country video.

‘Man I Feel Like A Woman’ – Shania Twain (125 bpm)

At the height of country music’s feminine revival of the mid-90s, Shania Twain reigned supreme. Churning out hits left and right, her ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman’ was a top hit, earning her a Grammy. The video didn’t do so bad either, winning several accolades among country and pop music.

‘Mine’ – Taylor Swift (121 bpm)

While T-Swift has merged into the pop sector, we’d be remiss to not bring her back to her country roots. Her ‘Mine’ video shows Swift and her Romeo going through the ups and downs of romance. The video hit a chord with fans and critics as it won the 2011 Country Music Award’s ‘Video of the Year.’

‘The One That Got Away’ – Jake Owen (120 bpm)

Beaches, summer, and young love all make for a perfect country video. Jake Owen sings of first loves and first heartbreaks in ‘The One That Got Away.’ Whether you’re the one chasing or the one running, this video will help you be prepared for whatever you have to do.

If country music doesn’t get your heart pumping, we also have curated specific playlists for any level of workout and any musical taste. Head on over to the Precor YouTube channel to see the rest of the playlist and explore all of our playlists to keep you motivated throughout your workout.



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