Hiring for Your Gym: Writing Job Descriptions

Hiring for Your Gym: Writing Job Descriptions
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Whether you’re new to the fitness business or a seasoned veteran, an important endeavour for any gym operator is to hire a qualified team of support staff. To build a stellar team, you need to decide not only the types of positions you need to hire, but also write engaging job descriptions that will attract qualified candidates.

The job descriptions you distribute should include the important information about the position and the types of people you’re seeking to hire. Here are a few tips to help you appeal to the right job seekers.

Get Applicants Pumped With The Intro

Leading your job description with an enticing introduction is an excellent way to get people excited about joining your team and applying for the position. This is an opportunity to share your gym’s atmosphere, culture and work environment.

Here’s an example:

Join a vibrant, exciting and growing team at [name your gym]! The role of the Front Desk Assistant is to motivate and inspire all of our current and potential members when they walk through our doors. [Name your gym] is a high energy, fast-paced environment and looks for employees who can jump right in!

Be Active With The Responsibilities

After the introduction, it’s time to get to the meat of the role – what activities will this position have responsibility over? A list of duties and responsibilities will allow applicants to determine if they’re a good fit for the role, based on their own skills and abilities.

To write a solid job-responsibilities section, it’s important to use active verbs. Use words like direct, solve, manage, coordinate, and maintain to create a clear and concise indication as to what the role entails.

Get Detailed With The Requirements

In addition to listing out the role’s responsibilities, create a list of requirements the applicant must have in order to be considered for the job. Does the role require first aid and CPR training? Should the applicant have prior fitness experience in the industry? If so, how many years? Will the applicant need to have management experience?

Including the job’s requirements in the job description gives applicants an understanding as to whether they’re a fit for the role. It will also help you get a solid assessment during the interview process to aid in determining if the applicants are fit for the job.

Set The Expectations Early

When you set the role’s expectations within the job description, you’ll once again provide a measurement against which both you and the applicants can determine whether they fit the position.

Within the job description, you can answer a number of unknowns; such as will the hours be flexible or a set schedule?, Who will they report to?, Who will they interact with (staff, members, or both)?, etc.

Having a solid job description can help beyond just getting CVs, too. You can use the description during the interview process by asking the applicants pointed questions directly from the job description. An example could be for the applicants to explain their past fitness industry experience.

Also, if you have an annual or quarterly employee review system set up in your facility, a job description can work as a benchmark to determine how employees are fulfilling the roles for which they were hired.

Overall, putting thought and energy into your job descriptions will help give you great applicants—and potentially, solid employees. You’ll soon be on your way to creating a stellar team in your fitness facility.



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