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No matter what kind of fitness facility you run, our mix-and-match cardio and console portfolio can be tailored to meet your needs, whether your exercisers require a range of unique motions and tech savvy entertainment or just want to get on and go. Pair the P82, P62, or P30 consoles with any of our Experience Series cardio models across the 800, 700, and 600 lines to find the best fit for your exercisers and facility. Consider a mix of two or three of the lines. Your Precor sales representative can help you decide. No matter what you choose, our consistent design means you’ll be maintaining a cohesive look and feel across the entire portfolio.

Find the Right Mix

800 Line: Delivering a Premium Experience

Meet our most premium cardio line, with a reputation for unrivalled quality and patented technology which enhance the exerciser’s experience, ensure maximum uptime and give it a unique position within the marketplace. In addition to our iconic smooth feel, the 800 Line treadmill and elliptical include the Active Status Light for at-a-glance monitoring of equipment status. The line also includes our unique Adaptive Motion Trainer with Open Stride, recumbent, and upright bikes.

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700 Line: High Value, Mid-Tier Offering

The 700 Line is built for high-use environments on our commercial platform and delivers the same reliability, performance, and efficiency that Precor is known for. The line includes the treadmill, elliptical, and Adaptive Motion Trainer with Fixed Stride Height.

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600 Line: Delivering the Essentials

The 600 Line strikes the optimal balance between durability, reliability, and quality innovation you can trust from Precor. The line delivers on these essentials along with premium materials, club-level appearance, and features. It is ideal for fitness facilities located in multi-family housing complexes, Corporations and many Hospitality venues. The 600 Line includes a treadmill, elliptical, recumbent, and upright bikes.

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Consoles to Satisfy Any Need

In a networked environment, the P82 and P62 touchscreen consoles are the ideal solutions to offer media, apps, and entertainment options for your members. For non-networked environments, rest assured knowing that Precor has a console built to support your exercisers whilst delivering the best workout possible, through programs and ease-of-use.

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