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Discovery™ Series

The Discovery™ Series combines all the functional performance elements demanded from a strength line, but with a focus on ease of use and thoughtful design detail to appeal to a wide range of exercisers. The result is an exceptional fit and feel for the first-time user or seasoned athlete.

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Vitality™ Series

The Vitality™ Series provides operators with a comprehensive conditioning circuit while staying within the space and budget requirements for a wide range of facilities, from hotels to multi-family living to community centers. The natural feel and ease of use appeal to a wide range of exercisers.

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Icarian® Series

Precor Icarian Functional Equipment

With attention to biomechanics, comfortable touch points, and easy-to-use adjustments, our Icarian® Strength Line helps members of all abilities benefit from the value of strength training. To complement your facility, every machine is durable, streamlined and intuitive.

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Precor Quality and Consistency

The Discovery™ Series Pin Selected provides the same approachability and feature consistency you expect from Precor

Approachable & Intuitive - With low profile weight stack tower, QR codes with instructional videos and ergonomic design, this line will welcome every exerciser and allow them to get started without a hitch.

Part of a Complete Package - All the design and performance qualities are consistent to that of our cardio products, giving you the ability to provide a fluid exerciser experience.

Built to Perform Long Term - Heavy powder-coated steel, oversized welded frames and industrial grade upholstery guarantees these strength pieces will be long-time members in your facility.

Get the Look That's Right for You

Select the combination of upholstery, frame, and shroud colours that best suit your facility.

Pick Your Colours

Discovery Series Colour Studio

An Important Element of Progressive Training

The strength journey for each of your exercisers will be different, and it is important to have a diverse portfolio to meet them where they need to be met in any given workout.

Our pin selected products provide a known and controlled movement pattern that focuses on ergonomics, touch points and comfort to instill confidence to try other movements. Our converging and diverging pin selected products transition toward more functional and practical applications, where the user is less supported and forced to recruit more muscles for stabilization.

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Precor Coaching Center

Get more out of your equipment with training videos and downloadable workouts from the Precor Coaching Center

Find new ways to use your equipment to increase exerciser satisfaction and engage your trainers

Access training support tools for onboarding your staff on Preva and your equipment

Precor Coaching Center

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