Free Download: Group Training Business Manual

For Gym Operators

Free Download: Group Training Business Manual

The fitness industry is evolving rapidly, and the rise of specialised boutique facilities and group training programs represent this shift. Exercisers are increasingly looking to experience fitness: to be part of exclusive fitness communities, to train collectively in a motivating and constantly changing environment, and to be held accountable and track progress. Group training is now a sustainable and rewarding option for many exercise consumers and businesses.

On the flip side, many consumers are leaving traditional health clubs for memberships at specialised studios, or maintaining their gym membership, but seeking secondary spend services elsewhere. This presents a conundrum and an opportunity for larger fitness facilities to determine how they can create a successful and desirable group training experience within their own gym.

Fortunately, larger facilities have several advantages, including more stability and infrastructure than many smaller boutiques, and varied staff and greater marketing capabilities. Additionally, they may have diverse populations (active aging, millennials, teens, to name a few) — all of which could be attracted by different types of programming.

To assist you to tap into a new revenue-generating market within your facility, and even attract new members by way of a compelling and truly differentiated group training program, we have put together a Group Training Business Manual for you.

It will help you plan for success by guiding you through the six core components of your group training program: vision, program, marketing, people, experience, and easy sign-up. Finally, it provides strategies for implementing fee-based group training services in a facility, and focuses on programs that are centrally managed by a facility. 

Download the PDF of our Group Training Business Manual, or read below.